Food Supply
Chasing the Sunset
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kickme says:

Awesome! Love Myhrad's comments in 6 & 7 :)

Jen says:

Nice use of the maple-leaf brush! Reminds me of the spot down the hill where I live; at least it would if people didn't keep using leaf-blowers on it to keep the sidewalks clean... (to their credit, it does make it less slippery, so that's good).
Ayne's hair is now turning blue.
Myhrad you loony bin!
Happy Hallowe'en, if you do that sort of thing!

Chariset says:

Ayne's a Smurf for Halloween!

Nice of Leaf to point out that they haven't seemed to lack for anything, even though they're not carrying anything of value. Though I suppose Ayne can hunt for food.

civile says:

So Ayne is turning from grey to green. What's the matter with her?

ps. the autmn leaves look lovely.

Katkinkate says:

She's slowly going blue, like the other Amazons.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Myhrad's a dragon, of course he's going to say something like that, he's supposed to eat children, terrorize villagers. and so on. The fact that he happens to be actually a vegetarian and a really nice dragon is lost on most people.

Baldric says:

Lovely autumn scenery !

It's not often Leaf gets to be the sarcastic one !

Woulv says:

lovely^^ happy halloween everyone^^ (i wonder when/if leaf will get as tal as ayne...)

Sabreur says:

It's not often that a comic makes me literally laugh out loud. Nice job on the last two panels. :-)

TheNextTaggerung says:

I really hope Myhrad was kidding

Pulsy says:

Love the colors! Ayne does seem to have a bit of chameleon-isation going on, as does her set of arrows.

hkmaly says:

From panel 5, I suppose Myhrad DID miss some meal.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Beautiful leaves! I wish I lived in a place with leaves as good as that... Sadly, the only chance I get is to look at this. Please continue, it's prettiful...
Yeah, I hope Myrhad's kidding too. *gulps*

Chariset says:

Ayne's arrows were multicolored at first, but they've been blue since she got new ones from the Amazons (as I recall).

Someguy says:

She needs to actually use her bow sometimes. Seems every time she has a combat scene she prefers the sword.

Eikan says:

Leaf's hat is so adorable!

sasha..x says:

is that... THE SQUIRRELL??
right there panel 5!! YAY..^^

InBetween says:

as always, love the comic. especialy the small details in the artwork...

hkmaly says:

Someguy: Unlike Legolas, most elves know that bow is not hand-to-hand weapon.

Fionn says:

They're safe. Myrhad doesn't have ketchup.

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