So Eccentric he's Square
Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

heh.. Collecting towers. And they don't even match.

Osk says:

well, thats not what my mother would have said about following wizards into their lair, but i guess it works out

Pulsy says:

It just hit me that Leaf is still holding the mages staff... And that the rings around that staff somehow remind me of an old cartoon called The Jetsons... Everything had those shiny rings to make stuff more spacey there =D

hkmaly says:

Why do they think he's not rich ? He have castle. He might have whole rooms full of gold there ...

Ivellios says:

odo what would be the point in collecting matching towers the fun is in getting similar things that are diferent

Kriss says:

Yeah, what you be the pint of having a stamp collection of 500 stamps, that were all identical?

Lee says:

He collects towers? You mean like Donald Trump?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Let me think....What did my mother say about following wizards into their lairs? I don't think she said anything about that.
Although the Academy had quite a few things to say about wizards and lairs and such....

Dark Dragon says:

I think mine said something about not following wizards due to a marked propensity towards explosions and chaos...

Why don't the stairs melt?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Dark Dragon: A wizard did it.

boonerunner says:

This comic is filled with affably insane characters, but Malv is really taking the spotlight right now. Love it.

The Last Melon says:

A moment of silence for the electrons affected by the last-minute change of script.

Allan S says:

...OH! I GET IT! Sorry, it took me a while. Well, I got the "eccentric - senile" thing, but the "collecting towers" thing confused me. Is it that most mages live in A tower, while he lives in a castle with FOUR?

...if so, heh. I'm slow. If not, I apologize. What is it about?

Neko says:

Lol, my mom would have said "Just go on in, but make sure he won't turn you into a chicken!"
Hey, come to think of CHICKENS I wonder if Tom's chicken is a person who had a spell cast on them!!!
Questions questions...

hkmaly says:

Dark Dragon:
I see you didn't try to defrost the refrigerator. It takes HOURS before the ice with temperature around -25 degrees celsius starts to melt in room temperature.

Dark Dragon says:

hkmaly: Oh... interesting.

also, I think the chicken is just a pet chicken. Or dinner for Myrhad.


but alas... looks like the chiken ran along with the tom, so no chiken for myhrad...

bluemeadows says:

ROFL now what did your mother tell you, priceless!!! I really love this wizard :-) great work guys

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