Hand Me Down Castle
Chasing the Sunset
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Random says:

Wizard TV leaves something to be desired

civile says:

Dragon that can't fly?

Zed says:

Of course it's not a ghost. Ghosts go BOO!

Kriss says:

Of course he can't fly. His wings are too small

Firelander says:

he can fly, he is just scared of heights

-Norbert- says:

Actually he can't fly yet, he's too young for that.
He just recently started to breath fire, which comes first. There is a nice article about how dragons fly in this story in the background info.

Winterbay says:

/me reads the alt-text and realises that he cannot spot if the colouring is badly done or not and so asumes that it isn't :)
It really shouldn't be that easy to scare a dragon...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, Myhrad's still technically only a child considering that dragons live for effectively forever and he's only a little over a hundred, if I remember correctly. Quite frankly, when I was a child I was scared of pretty much everything.

Osk says:

someone recorded a phantasm to scare people on those stairs... nice sense of humor, or feiht tampered with it

Someguy says:

... which is worse? Evil wizard, or evil wizard with a bad combover?

bluemeadows says:

poor Myhrad! poor little guy, i love his wings in pannel 5 and he looks like he has fainted in pannel 6, he better get a big hug in the next update you hear me?? (lol getting tooo attacted to charaters i think)

InBetween says:

no, we all want to hugg myhrad. he is cuddly

Lee says:

Cuddly and cynical. Quite a combination.

Dark Dragon says:

A combination that would probably torch you if you tried to hug him. I like how the phantasm is mostly clear... Does that make it mostly harmless?

Lylia says:

Mostly harmless? 42

Aileri says:

Lol, reminds me of the Sims 2 XD

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