Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

The staff seems to like Leaf more than its former master. That's a pretty persuasive argument, I think

KBKarma says:

Oh dear. XD

remmon says:

You know, it seems to me that you would ordinarily place your victim or testee on the trapdoor, not yourself.

Osk says:

umm, another set of secret stairs but the stairs went missing?

Winterbay says:

I'm betting on forgettful mage myself. :)

Also the alt-text is really funny as usual :)

Sabreur says:

Now, the real question is "Was that an accident?" This *is* the guy who somehow managed to put the top of his tower in the basement.

Robaato says:

The great thing for me was that at my screen resolution, I didn't actually see who was left on the roof until I scrolled down...

Of course, at my screen resolution, I never noticed there was anything to the right of the strip until Mithandir mentioned ads and shout outs in the news...

eekee says:

*grinz* This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

-Norbert- says:

Maybe it's a test to see if Leaf really wants to help people...

Blakcdrake says:

Heh, "Most people just want the thundery name bit", how true that is...anyway hello all, Hmm...after some caruful exsamanation, I find I like him, even if he is a bit strange at times.

Pulsy says:

Well if a secret stairway gets him to the roof fast, a secret trapdoor takes him back down fast. Makes lots of sense to me.

Arya says:

"Do you think you have what it takes?"
Maybe, maybe not.
LOVE the trapdoor.
Where can I find one, Mithrandir?

Osk says:

technically, he is now falling up the tower to land down at the ground floor

The Last Melon says:

Ha! I didn't realize who had gone down the trapdoor either until Robaato noted it. That just makes it awesome.

hkmaly says:

Osk: The three-dimensional thinking again ...

gorovoyy says:

Hack again?!

OWK says:

Super Happy Fun Slide!

Tonic says:

Hkmaly: well the trap door can't very well be leading UP as they're already at the top. Maybe the trap door is an escape? as in malvdoesn't want to be on the tower while testing is going on?

Jeremiah says:

Sabreu. I think that Malvenic.... (sorry, didn't want the "kaboom") did not build the tower. It was already built when he started using it, just as his servants the "phantasms".

megaparsecs says:

Well, if you're paying attention, you can see that the wall with the button on it has a slight vertical curvature in the sixth panel. With his magical magister powers Malv could have easily made a cyclic dimension so that the top of the tower and the bottom of the basement intersect and he is really falling down and up at the same time depending on the way you look at it. It would also make the views pretty interesting.

The Last Melon says:

And he would do this because...?

TheNextTaggerung says:

how do I find the alt text?

... says:

Point to the middle of the strip.

Silverwolf says:

Yep...Leaf has what it takes. He's smart enough to NOT stand on the trap door.

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