And Thus it Begins
Chasing the Sunset
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Alric says:


Alric says:

Is it a timed test though? Wonder what creative magic Leaf will conjure up to help :)

-Norbert- says:

Since right now the only thing leaf can conjure up is fire, I think he'll have to finish the test without magic.
I think it's time for another crazy plan :)

remmon says:

Well, he could build an intricate steam engine and use his conjured fire to power it.

Winterbay says:

I like Myhrad and Aynes comments in the 5th panel. It is indeed hard to see the bottom if you keep your eyes closed :)

bluemeadows says:

'this is full blown insanity' love that line

Arya says:

Is that George?
Or is it a lady?
Anyway, I love tests!
(except math, history and the SAT.)

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Yay! A test and Feiht isn't around to mess it up!

(invisibly) immortal says:

Or is she?
No, really... where's feiht again? I forgot.

CtS Fan says:

immortal- Feiht is still in the dwarf mountain (supposedly) with Rhyme. I had to do a little research on that a couple of days ago.
Ayne's ears were pretty long in this comic. Just saying. :D Very good, still.

Tonic says:

I'd imagine Fieht has already forgotten about them.

Lady Phoenix says:

Now if i could just get the site to stop telling me that i've missed 541 strips. *sigh*

Pulsy says:

Hehe Myhrad and his fear of heights :D

Osk says:

insane, excentric or senile, it adds up to weird

veseAcume says:

Hey guys!

I'm a newbie here.

So i'd like to know if a world financial crisis affected someone among you?

Arious says:

Well, been reading a while, first time comment. I doubt Feiht would forget them wiht how long she's been around them. That's the danger of pixies, the longer they deal with a particular being or group of beings the more firmly they become lodged in the pixies mind. My belief is that at the current moment their having fun messing up a mountain full of dwarves who refuse to use magic and thus have no real way to fight their unleashed powers. This will however bore quickly if the dwarves decide to take up magic in defense. Both of these things being the case may well bring feiht, and even her friend back to them fast. Especially since every time you mention a pixies name it catches their attention if only for a moment. This means the more they talk about her the more likely they are to appear. Also don't forget that they bound over Leaf's power of those fire spirits to themsleves. That's something of infinite possibility for destruction which they won't be able to leave behind.....

Silverwolf says:

"Your test has begun. Please conjure a number two pencil and bubble in your responses on the sheet provided."

... says:

Insanity? This is SPARTA!

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