Not at Liberty to Say Yes?
Chasing the Sunset
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Ivellios says:

ok now I wonder if it is programed to say no to a question when they reach the room and just say I am not at liberty to say. at all other times or if there might be some of the others

Silk says:

how bout its just programed to mess with him?

Chariset says:

Maybe he meant no 'basilisks' plural. Just one basilisk.

Isn't that comforting?

InBetween says:

Will there be dragon? It's not like leaf to ask such stupid questions. Ofcourse there will be dragons, Myrhad is right behind him!

Alien says:

For the record, this is not a cameo. We do have one coming up, so keep your eyes peeled and see if you can figure out who it is.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Maybe Malvenicus (krakatoww) has a rule of not working with Basilisks, one of those personal decisions that he put on his resume.

"Skilled in arcane arts, doctorate from Allemagne Univrsity class of 1387 (Dean's List), associate professor of conjuration at University of Stirnat seven years, chair of conjuring department at University of Tevioch ten years, refuses to work with Basilisks."

Pulsy says:

lol the "No" is hilarious XD Also it's typically leaf to keep asking questions even though he gets the same answer every time. Everyone else would have assumed the ghost was programmed to not give out any details about the gauntlet at all, no matter what the question is.

Lee says:

Sentient earthquakes? How does *that* work?!

Yeah, right... "I am not at liberty to say".

Melerxp says:


When it comes time to shave your face for the first time, what is your choice - an electric razor or a blade? Why?

Leinad says:

regular blade. i don't trust zappy things and water...

Halfcat says:

Normal Blade. I think leaf is more worried that the answer was different. Atleast we know that leaf is qualified for this test. Cause he is the master of creating true odd but sometimes effective plans.

eekee says:

Electric. Used one for years not fancying blades on my face, then found out the blades were much nicer after all.

I wonder if the wizard made the response different if the query was basilisk or a few other monsters, just to worry his apprentices? :}

Wereling says:

Maybe the thing got tired of saying "I am not at liberty to say" and just said "no" to worry and stun Leaf into silence. If I were it, that's what I'd do to obnoxious, persistent, little pests like that.


Silverwolf says:

If part of the test involves creative problem solving, I think Leaf will ace it. Either that or he's going to find cheat codes for the castle. "Tilde. sv_cheats 1. god. Impulse 101. entityhealth_Ayne -1. entityhealth_Myhrad -1." (In some programs, -1 in a variable tells the program "infinite.")

The Last Melon says:

Meler: Shave? I terrify my facial hair into not growing through sheer force of will. Shaving is for wimps.

Malicar says:

Blade. You get a closer shave that way.

hkmaly says:

Tired ? Try it yourself: open a command line and try how long it will take before computer got tired of saying "Bad command or file name" ...

He must be programmed to answer differently. So the correct question is the Ivellios's one: was the answer different because it was about basilisk or because they reached the room ? Or was it "number of silly question reached limit" ?

Tonic says:

"When your time is THERE" Love the simulaed grammer.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I think a good question to ask at this point is if Phantasms act like computer programs, with no free will or even sentience and only operate as they are told, or if they have some form of sentience or "artificial intelligence" which allows them to act on their own if they so choose but take orders in the form of computer programming. I would also like to point out that this particular Phantasm, unlike George, is capable of interacting in regular speech, thus Leaf does not have to attempt to make a command in programming language resulting in a program breakdown. (Must be one of the newer models)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Slightly worried about the sentient earthquakes, but the rest I'm quietly stealing to use n a book someday. I'm sure I can make it different than yours.
This oughta be good...

Pepz says:

yeah, I really wonder about the sentient earthshakes. Sounds like a monster not to be messed with :)

And the shaving, I used electric at first (got one from a family friend) never worked very well. Tried razor later on, and it still gives me a better result.

eric bloedow says:

from leaf's reaction, i get the impression that the test will involve everything leaf mentioned EXCEPT basilisks...or at least leaf thinks so!

Birdie says:

You know, a sentient earthquake would likely be a bored pixie or an earth spirit...

Tonic says:

Maybe it's not at liberty to answer questions it thinks are poorly defined? Does it know if a gaint is evil? If an earthquake is sentient?(hint: they're not) If a leap defies death? That Leaf really asked two questions when he mentioned ghosts and goblins? If magicked ice is magical if it retains no magical properties? I think Malvinus K. Katoww just instucted it to not use or answer to any misinterpitable language.

Vrek says:

Alright, for the record around here: The 'not a cameo appearance' is held by the squirrel in the third panel.

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