Silly Senile Sally
Chasing the Sunset
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Sir Gawain says:

A dragon...pixie?!?! Fieht causes enough trouble and she's tiny!

This comic sometimes seems to be based on the Chinese curse: "may you live in interesting times."

Woulv says:

well if the dragon wants to be imortal thining its a pixy might be a good idea...

Anakha says:

Or not.

Alric says:

As Leaf said, not even a great mage can imprisen or keep a dragon a pet.

Elystriana says:

Ah yes, the differences between mad and insane :p

Pulsy says:

omg i vote for a senile sally spinoff!

Thoracle says:

Remember: a pixie gets it's powers by believing they exist, so was the dragon just a really big pixie until it forgot?

Unigirl says:

Myhrad doesn't count as a dragon, you know..

Chariset says:

I thought Ayne was going to meet them outside...

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

OOO! I want to see what kind of shinies a dragon-pixie steals!

Lee says:

Unigirl, try telling Myhrad that.

eekee says:

I feel sorry for Malv now. .

Shazbot says:

Draught, Draught, dammit!

Abeo says:

My alt text addiction! Damn you senile Sally!

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Sir Gawain: I always thought that was Yiddish...
A dragon. Thinking it's a pixie. Suddenly I feel very cold...

Vinom, the God-King says:

lol, I want one...

Nebra Reppalk says: has the world not fallen apart yet?

hkmaly says:

The Myhrad's "Two dragons" doesn't make sense. I mean, I would expect him to say "There's a second dragon here", not "there's a two dragons here".

Thoracle: Pixie gets it's powers by believing they exist, but dragons don't work that way, they have real limits. Which does explain whe the world doesn't fall appart yet.

hkmaly says:

Also, I think Sally overdid it. Probably could drink less, stay more sane and still achieving immortality. Needs to be tested. Anyone knowing about around 50 dragons willing to be part of this important medicine experiment ?

Tonic says:

Use or pixie powers requires two conditions: beleiving you can and (this one's important) being a pixie. One of my favorite bits from the sword of truth series was when a guy told a sorceress who lost her powers that maybe she just needed to believe more, and she told him that was the stupidest thing she ever heard.

Azrael says:

hkmaly: Myhrad is correcting Ayne. She says "There's A dragon here", leaving him out.

Poor Myhrad. Always being left out of eating the children.

-Norbert- says:

"from the sword of truth series was when a guy told a sorceress who lost her powers that maybe she just needed to believe more, and she told him that was the stupidest thing she ever heard."
Really? In which book? I don't remember that at all, and I love SoT.
Actually the only times I remember sorceresses losing their powers was when the chimes were lose and Ann after eating the spelled honey pie (apart form lots of Rada'Han incidents...).

MML says:


Evil Overlady says:

A dragon thinking it's a pixie? In a castle with lots of shiny things... I'm afraid.

Tonic says:

Norbert: It was from the time when the chimes were loose. I forget the names but the guy was the new minster of culture and the sorceress was a minor character that was an assoicate of his and also met Zedd when she was a child

-Norbert- says:

Oh her... right. Last time I read through the series I skipped a few of those chapters (like those about Fisk and Moley).

JeoBro says:

A dragon pixie.... must have been some headtrip

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