Give It Up
Chasing the Sunset
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Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:

Okay, that last panel was just great - though my cats disliked the sudden loud noises coming from me.

Black Mantha says:

I really like the mouseover text, too.

Sir Gawain says:


Maybe leaf did pass the test after all.

Jeremiah says:

Is that a rubber duck in the middle of Malv's magic words?

Sir Gawain says:

I think it is.

Stardrake says:

Interesting. He said Leaf had magic, AND the furies...

Alien says:

Step 8 - Take a bath.

TomaO2 says:

He's totally being a species-ist here. It was one thing to want to get rid of the furies at first but after Feiht talked to them, I really feel they want to do good in the world. It's not really about having power anymore. They are people too, not just the raw power of hate. They deserve a chance to make a differece. Simply destroying or trapping them seems heartless at this point. I just can't believe that is the only way to go.

Isn't the mage being overy harsh here? How did the tests show that Leaf would use his powers to become a threat? He saved Ayne instead of concentrating on his "focus". I was positive that was the right move but now it seems like the guide was correct and that it was not.

I'm really suprised by this turn. I don't understand or like it.

eekee says:

Man, that mage is seriously scared of power! I guess he's done something really horrible in the past. Whatever it was, he seems to have swung too far the other way, so far as to make him look very funny in panel 6. ^_^

I wonder why he's trying to lose his staff.

eekee says:

Oh! He judged Leaf a safe keeper for his staff... and obviously considers himself an unsafe keeper.

Torjin says:

TomaO2: I think you misunderstood Malvenicus there: Leaf passed the test, and Malvenicus, convinced he would not be a threat to the world, can go on doing whatever mages do these days.
he has probably more important things to do than helping every child looking for his father...

remmon says:

He's right about the furies only being able to solve things by destroying.

But sometimes, sometimes destroying something is the right way to solve a problem

Unigirl says:

Remmon: Correct. Just ask Ayne.

Pulsy says:

I hope Sally will be able to find her lair now... Also i'm kind of surprised the castle didn't turn into a snowglobe and Malvenicus (Krakatowww) would still be there holding it. Probably floating while the others plummet down.

Lindale says:

The last panel made me laugh XD

HamstersEverywhere says:

Let me get this straight. Furies are powerful manifestations of anger, right? So they have only the power of destruction. Normally, they are not at all selective about this. These furies, however, are trying to only destroy things that should be destroyed. Given that there are some things that should be destroyed, what is so terrible about this?
I concede that people, naturally tending towards evil, should not be trusted with power than necessary. That said, this kind of behavior should be, if anything, encouraged in furies. Furthermore, odds are that if Leaf somehow exorcises them, they'll give up on their little scheme and revert to the standard kill everything type of fury. Of course, things work differently in this world than the real one ...

firelander says:

I just don't agree on what he says, the furies CAN be good, they simply just chose to be part of the evil side

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Well, there IS such a thing as "Righteous Fury", so I think they could be used for good.

The Paladin says:

Why are people calling Malv a mage? He is a Magister

Chariset says:

Are you sure this guy isn't part pixie?

NotFirst says:

Anyone able to translate what the Mage said? It looks like at least part of it is in Farsi, although that may just be a trick of the authors. Too bad I don't know Farsi well enough to read it, ugh.

Mithandir says:

Not farsi at all, it's the CtS magic font that I made years ago and which you can find in the pixie forest.

Someguy says:

He said "Magic castle go pop."

Thoracle says:

The Furies aren't inherently evil, that's just the way people use them. Leaf is a safe keeper for the furies because, as LadyFox said, there is such a thing as righteous fury, and the only way to anger leaf is through injustice.

Skreyola says:

Hehehe... Cool.
However, the last line of the Alt text should read "Would never have fit on this page" to properly fit the pattern of a limerick.
:) Leaf gets to keep the magic staff. Dat dadadi daaaaaa!

Lightning says:

heh.. the last panel actually made me laugh out loud. that was a great comic guys.

Pulsy says:

Go go gadget castle!

Tonic says:

It would have been helpful if he said a little on "how" to get rid of them.

NotFirst says:

Cool. I had not realized you made a font. However, the font about half of it looks like Farsi ;).

Kess says:

I think that Leaf could always get a job doing demolition! Malvenicus *Krakatowwww* clearly hasn't thought of that.

hkmaly says:

Chariset: He's not. For pixies it's natural, in his case it's learned behaviour :-)

-Norbert- says:

"Step 8 - Take a bath."
That made laugh as much as the least two panels ^^
I think Malv should stay away from Ayne for the next.. uhm... few centuries.

Me says:

Hmmm! *light goes on* Am I the only one who thinks Malv is THE wizard that caused the flood that washed Leaf's father away?

Blakcdrake says:

It could be that the test isn't over yet...Like he is testing how Leaf would act if he failed the test...sorta like he is seeing if he can control them, as being told that you lost often makes people mad which in turn would cause the furies to exsplode something...Hmm...although...I'm still not sure that Malvenicus actuly plans on doing anything...seem to me like he's just having fun with them.

P.S. Behold my power to say names and not make lightning.

Tudden says:

Wonderful Plot all we need is a Payed Commercial..

Reinder says:

Tudden, you just spoiled our Authors' April Fools day joke for this year.

firelander says:

i agree with blakcdrake, yet still, he is stupid enough for it, to think they will grow stronger if he goes away. I hope we will see feiht back soon, i really miss her

Laughing Collie says:

Go go gadget castle! :)

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