So Cold...
Chasing the Sunset
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Sir Gawain says:

Couldn't they just burn the tree?

Chariset says:

Uh oh....

I hope this really is a test or they're done for...

Chariset says:

Also, I'm glad to see the staff of Malvenicus (kra-ka-TOWWW!) still has magical glowy powers

Scoot says:

Silly Ayne, she should just curl up with Myhrad and Leaf.

Woulv says:

i dont think she ment to fall asleap.. more like they passed out from the cold

hkmaly says:

Chariset: Test ... or Feiht will appear.

They should've stopped sooner. You need to reserve some strength to actually make the camp. On the other hand ... how much experience they have with snow ?

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Yipe! Either they are inside the snowglobe that the castle was in, or they are in trouble!

Torjin says:

What about: they are in the snowglobe AND they are in truble? I mean, these guys have a record...

bluemeadows says:

wow another fast update well done its a really great page i can really see how tired they are well done alien!

Pulsy says:

Great strip to use the magnifier! I especially like the way Myhrad looks startled in the fourth panel, and Leaf looks like he's really fainting in the fifth!

lily says:

What are their blankets made out of? Acyrilic? They should get some wool ones, they don't burn very fast, much easier to put out.

Winterbay says:

lily: I doubt the furies would care what material they tried to light up, they would just make it burn anyway :)

Also, love the alt-text. Now I just need to find a freezer with a computer connected to the interwebs...

eekee says:

Oh no! D8

I mean.. I *know* it'll turn out okay(-ish) but eeeek!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Not good. Not good at all. This is not a good sign. If you fall asleep in the cold, there's a good chance you'll never wake up again.

Leinad says:

that snow is either very fast, or it's been hours since the last strip...

Anakha says:

Survival in the Snowglobe!
Evil Test indeed......;)

Robin Munn says:

They went unconscious far too fast, and too simultaneously, to be succumbing to the cold... someone knocked them out magically. Who was it, where are they, and what do they want with our heroes?

Duh duh DUH...

Timothy Pine says:

This reminds me of a lovely little story by Jack London called 'To build a fire'. I have the story linked to my name. Just a warning, it is just the teensiest bit on the morbid side.

Skreyola says:

I agree... unless they waited until they were completely exhausted (in which case, the banter seems a little too light), I don't think they'd have gone down that quickly. I agree that it's likely someone knocked them out with a sleep effect or something.

hkmaly says:

Robin Munn: Might be because they stopped. While they walked, the moving kept them awake, but when they stopped moving, they fast falled asleep.

Tonic says:

I'm prety sure that thing about falling asleep in the cold is if you fall asleep because of the snow, not despite it. Also we don't know much about how long it takes elves to fall asleep. Two odinary humans can have an order of magnitude difference between them, so different species might be able to sleep from a running start.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Love the alt-text. I recommend both.
Maybe Ayne/Leaf/Myhrad (hey, what happened to Feiht?) are at a high altitude. The higher the altitude, the less oxygen, so the snow starts to look like a nice warm bed.
Timothy Pine: OH MY GOD! COMPLETELY! That's what I thought of too!

Dark Donkey says:

I don't like how the hood makes Ayne look like an ewok in the fifth panel. Eww...

Bluedragon says:

Myriad, you have the right Idea, Although it would of been more efficient to cuddle in the front. keeps the interior organs warmer.

Issy says:

I swear... it's the Wizard of Oz.

Darius Drake says:

Having a person who can only use magic to destroy to dry something is a bad idea. As is not finding proper shelter in the snow.

Winterbay says:

They should've built a Bivouac shelter in the snow...

Leinad says:

five bucks says Feith saves them all!

InBetween says:

well, they do have a chaos becon...I mean, shining staff that makes shiny snowflakes even shinyer? that is bount to atract pixies...

Jostikas says:

You're on.

Wibionnamma says:

Hi everybody in this topik i want to discuss with you ewerything that you want ! ))So lets begin!!

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

They are following Basic rule of Cold death:
1. feel reaaaallly cold
2. Feel warm
3. feel sleepy
4. Die

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