Sweet dreams are made of this ...
Chasing the Sunset
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Scoot says:

Wait, I missed something... How did they get to a house?

Rubiel says:

Wow! First comment.
Grat comic, as always

Rubiel says:

Damn it, ninj'd. :(

Wildfire says:

Haha, it's "Hug A Jabberwock" week =D

firelander says:

right, ok, so ayne is awake and the other ones are still sleeping?

hkmaly says:

Funny that his father is still so much taller that Leaf ...

Osk says:

Well, it -is- a dream, and he was very small when his father disappeared. An since they were all out cold, forgive the pun, we didnt see what happened either. I'm sure we'll be informed sooner or later

Pulsy says:

Hey they got rescued! And Ayne has coffee or something. I wonder who took 2 elves and a dragon home. I realise they're all not that heavy compared to humans, but to carry three...

Winterbay says:

Hmm... It's nice to see Ayne being wrong again, since they do actually seem to be sharing the same dream :)

Also love the alt-text and the artwork.

Winterbay says:

Also, I had to go back and forth a couple of times before I setteled on "ehh confusing, oh well it will be resolved on Wednesday" :)

Katja says:

Who's to say the last panel is not also a dream

Nebra Reppalk says:

I believe we are using a famous literary technique which has a name but I don't know if it has a name. Anyway, it assures us that our heroes have been saved from the snow storm and adds to the plot. Very nicely done if I say so myself. (Which I do.)

I also think Myhrad and Leaf could be sharing the same dream.

And then his vorpal blade went SNICKER-SNACK!

Anakha says:

hehehe, VERY funny.
I am wondering though: What exactly is going on now? YOur comic has never been so, well, purposefully disconnected before.....

Unigirl says:

Is that a Dark elf (drow?) in the first panel?

Chariset says:

THe elf girl in the green dress looks like Ayne before she started turning blue.

Baldric says:

Eh eh ! Myhrad is a pessimist even in his dreams !

bluemeadows says:

BEWARE the jaws that bite!! LOL this is the cutest one yes i love it, did a double take though!

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Well, that staff's no vorpal blade, but It'll do... :D

Lee says:

I can't help being reminded of Terry Gilliam's Jabberwock. That one wasn't very cuddly at all. (And in the days before CGI you *knew* it was just made of cloth and string, but it still ended up being one of the scariest movie monsters ever.)

Ahem. So, um, yours is quite scary too, a bit, I gues...

Alric says:

...who am I to disagree?

OWK says:

Just because it's a alien armorplated killing machine that drools unspeakable slobber doesn't mean it's a bad person. :) (Quote)

SoulSinger says:

Yes, took a week of dedicated reading but I've finally finished catching up from fist post to now. Great comic that has kept me laughing & giggling all week. It's offically my #1 source of giggle material on the web.

Adam says:

I hate to be the stickler... but doesn't the Jabberwock have "claws that catch" and "eyes [plural] of flame"?

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Adam... there's another eye on the other side, you just can't see it from here... :P

eekee says:

*giggle* ^_^'

Hmm... I wonder how come Ayne's up.

Shadow says:

Again it has to be asked... Where's Feiht and what is she doing?

hkmaly says:

Unigirl: Blond drow ? Well, it IS dream, so everything is possible ... and he might color his hair.

Winterbay says:

I actually went to read the poem just because of this (I had no idea where the terms came from, not having had to read it ever). It is a rather interesting poem.
Thanks for bringing it out (and also for bringing some light into the Vorpal Blad in the Kingdom of Loathing game...)

Eva says:

Drow have light colored hair, so technically they could be blonde. It does look slightly odd, though.

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:

I'm seeing the jaws that bite, but I'd personally say a Jabberwock needs a bit more claws that scratch.

Looking forwards to seeing how you explain this one.

hkmaly says:

Eva: Drowolath don't have only "light colored hair", they have white hair. Unless they color them, but even then I didn't seen anyone with yellow color. Drowussu can be blond, but they don't have black skin, they are gray.



hkmaly says:

Eva: Drowolath don't have only "light colored hair". They have white hair. Unless they color them, of course (which they do often, but I didn't seen anyone coloring it to yellow). Drowussu can be blond, but they don't have black skin, more like gray.

But it is true that even outside dream it will be possible. Weird, but possible.

Tonic says:

Well considering it's Leaf's dream, I'm surprised that he got the Jaberwok as correctly as he did. A for the dark elf I think it might be wise to just wait until Mith or one of his characters says something about drow, there's no cannocial definition of drow, and all that one panelt tells us is that there are elves with dark skin, which may or may not be any more significant then the humans who have dark skin.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Oh, lovely alt-text. Also in that category: "Werewolves aren't dangerous! They're just lovable creatures who happen to devour human flesh!"
Nice to know the crew are safe. It was a test after all...?
And Leaf's dream is VERY sweet, if a little disturbing. "I just did what you taught me, dad"?

Me says:

Hm..I wonder who found them?

SoulSinger says:

Mith, I've smiled & laughed over every stip of this comic. Hell's since finding Chasing the Sunset I've stoped lamenting the end of my former favorite webcomic Queen of Wands. I bemoaned the loss of that strip for years before I found CtS. Just keep doing what you have been that's all we ask. In other words just do your best & we'll lap it up.

Winterbay says:

@Kuyselle Goldword: What is disturbing about a son doing something his father tought him? In this case being a kind person and saving people. I see nothing disturbing in this.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Winterbay: The problem is, Leaf hasn't grown up knowing his father. He's been an orphan all his life, so it's weird that he's doing what his father taught him when quite frankly his father, through no fault of his own (stupid flash floods, hasn't been around.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Love love love the alt text! And I can't wait to see how they got to dreaming in a house after mysteriously falling asleep in the snow.... And how come Ayne got to wake up first?

Mpp says:

@Nebra Reppalk: But it is just a dream. It doesn't have to be coherent.

Shiqra says:

May this is the Deus ex machina Mith mentioned. I'm betting on pixies...

hkmaly says:

Shiqra: I was betting on pixies until I saw the house. Now I'm don't. This doesn't look like something pixie will do ...

Winterbay says:

@Nebra: Well, yes he has not grown up for long with is father, but the first strip clearly shows his mother, fatehr and him in the same frame meaning that his father might have had time to imbue him with a sense of "doing what's right" or somesuch similar. I am not familiar enough with elvish behaviour when it comes to child care to discern if this is logical or not :)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

@Winterbay: What I meant was, what Leaf's admirable father taught him was, um, blasting jabberwocks with magical staffs stolen from odd magisters with weather connected to their names...?

Osk says:

he got the staff given to him now

Chariset says:

Heh... look at Kuyselle not wanting to say the name 'Malvenicus' (kra-ka-TOWW!)

Darius Drake says:

I don't think that they left the castle. I suspect that the winter situation was an illusion made by the Magister.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

And now the staff is showing up in his dreams. OoooOOOOoooOOO.... *spooky fingers*

Thoracle says:

The staff is in his dreams because in this dream he is a mage, and mages have staffs. I think that too much is being read into the content of leaf's idle fantasies.

Vinom.Godking says:

so leaf will have a lens flare instead of thunder...

Gaia says:

This is an awesome comic, and the hypertext is STILL my favorite part of it.

FordPrefect says:

I laugh.

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