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Chasing the Sunset
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Firelander says:

Mmmmmm, i only have to use the word pixie with my d en d gamers to let them run all the way out of the dungeon they are in.

Chariset says:

Ah HA! So these are Lady Cynthia's people..

...I'm guessing she's still upset about the loss of her belt? She has only herself to blame, wearing something like that around pixies

hkmaly says:

Tearing up a good, only from one side used sheet of paper? Seems like rich village ... or is there some paper manufacture near by? Maybe Dwarves have some ...

Woulv says:

lol^^ i would have used flying wolves the size of a large horse^^ but thats just me^^

Sabreur says:

@Wouly: It's fantasy. For all we know, they're suffering from a pixie-induced plague of paper butterflies.

Sabreur says:

Argh. Commented at the wrong person. Oh well, people know who I meant.

VladimirSlavik says:

Tearing one useful paper in halves -> two useful papers!

Alric says:

Well Gran at the very least can read - which "in the real world" is unheard of.

Nebra Reppalk says:

A vodoo doll golem is just mean.

Pulsy says:

Hmmm i do wonder what Lady Cynthia's intrest in Leaf is... Also i can't remember a hyppogryf-spawning witch, i'll have to go browse the archives.

Alric says:

Lady Cynthia Forthswith, Head of the Witches Guild

CRaebild says:

Pixies for harassing D&D players ? Try Leprechauns, I have made my players mad a couple of times with Leprechauns, and most of the time the Leprechaun got away (there was one occasion where the characters managed to catch the Leprechaun).

DothKiller says:

Me doth thinks that thou doth use the word "doth" too often. Doth thou not know of any other means of which to convey the meaning of "doth"? Doth thou have no creativity? Doth, Doth, Doth, Doth, Doth... Just kill me. Stop with the "Doth", it drives me insane.

Lee says:

Is it paper or parchment?

Darius Drake says:

Send the elves after the Hippogryf first.

eric bloedow says:

the hidden message made me think of an online cartoon, "order of the stick", where a Goblin Cleric summoned several Titanium elementals and a Chlorine elemental!

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