Dwarven Mines
Chasing the Sunset
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KBKarma says:

... First comment?

I'm really REALLY hoping that Leaf doesn't get a chance to repurpose that cart. So far, most, if not all, of his ideas have nearly resulted in death.

Piroko says:

i hope there is an Indiana johns moment here

Zergonapal says:

Perhaps there should be a vote :)

Pulsy says:

Love the snow here! Looks very realistic, even the faint sun in the snowy landscapes looks great, as well as Aynes expression in the fourth panel. Too bad about the cart though, a bunch of elves in a cart in an abandonned mine, propelled by a dragon breathing fire from the back would look awesome! :D

CyberSkull says:

It's about time. This quest has been quite boring until now -.-

Baldric says:

I really like the snowy landscape !

Leaf just won't pass an opportunity for adventure... not without some "persuading", that is.

Alric says:

So these are the Mines of Moira, we expecting Leaf to fall thousands of feet straight down while battling a Balrog :)

Alric says:

Would that also mean Ayne would be stabbed by a huge spear but survive sue to elven armour? Oops, wrong fantasy worlds :p

Eva says:

Oh, but he has to use the cart!

Eva says:

Wait. I was just looking around with the magnifier and I was both Feiht and a little devilish thing hiding in the outlines.

no one says:

Umm...Why would someone try to stop them?

Alric says:

While a pixie, I don't think it's Feiht. No idea what the devilish thing is, cept it seems to be eating the panel with sharp teeth.

Vulpis says:

Hee--even the Furies don't want to mess with an Annoyed Ayne.. ;-)

Osk says:

great alt text :) also, wernt these the mines of mario? or moria? or maori?

Marc says:

They'll walk, and some monster will hurtle past them in the cart and smash against a wall. Leaf will get a "we told you so" in stereo.

Skreyola says:

They should make a drawing of Pulsy's idea for a donation incentive. I bet a lot of folks would pay to see that.

Chariset says:

You people who like to translate runes - what does the sign say?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Perhaps the dwarves in their greed dug too deep and unleashed...BUNNIES!

Darius Drake says:

Leaf seems to have played a Donkey Kong game. Yay for cart levels.

Fywillan says:

The runes mean: 'Beware the cart-riding Elves!' They were put there by a fortune-teller.

Alric says:

Anyone tried translating the runes? They're a bit faded, but I think the top sign is "GOLD"

Antonymous says:

The runes say "orar" and "annars", I think.

l says:

Even a Balrog would be afraid of one of Leaf's ideas. Even the simplest ones. So, maybe, using his idea would cause less problems, rather than more? They may just not know if, had they chosen differently, they would be in more or less trouble. For all they know, some of Leaf's inventions/plans may have gotten them out of trouble on an occasion. Or maybe two. (or maybe not)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

I get "Eror" and, um, "Lnsapf?" for the second one in the runes.
I'm with Leaf. Ayne being "annoyed" is a scary premise.

Dungeon&Dragons NERD says:

Is it just me or has leaf been getting taller recently, oh and this sounds bad, big dark potentially deserted mine, I smell a goblin.

Amagica says:

Woah! I'm up to date! Time to start over! ;P

Lovely so far! Love the alt text for this one!

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:

...I think I found an easter egg in the zoom-in. Check the bottom of panel 3.

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:

Or between 4 and 5

hkmaly says:

Pulsy: "propelled"? From the angle the tracks go down, I don't think they need propulsion. More like brakes. And, you know ... the reason why you SHOULDN'T use carts in abandoned mines is that brakes are usually the part of cart most damaged by staying there abandoned on a weather ...

MEEE! says:

Magic Rocket (a less well known variant of Magic Missile)-powered mine cart? Please?

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