Faerie Dragon Vs Shadow Wolf
Chasing the Sunset
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Laughing Collie says:

Aww! You didn't put any cute little critters into the angled spaces between the panels, that are visible only with the magnifying glass -- I like those! :)

NotFirst says:

Where did the magnifying glass go to. I see people still mention it, but I cannot figure out how to turn it on. And it used to be so obvious :(

Mithandir says:

On the front page it's below the comic on the right, right from the "next update" counter and left of the RSS and cast icons.
If you're looking on the archive page (because you came in from an RSS feed or similar) then I forgot to turn t on for this strip. That's fixed now and you should find the magnifying glass below the comic in the middle of the page, below the cast icon.

Pav Lucistnik says:

So I wonder what music is that score?

Winterbay says:

I have to enter that into Finale when I get home so I can listen to the fearie dragon speak :)

simon_w says:

That music's awesome :) (yay for GarageBand!)

Pulsy says:

I put the notes in Reason 4, it's a very strange composition. It sounds more like something an musical elephant may produce. It's nothing you'd expect from a tiny cute illuminated dragon...

Gerluseur says:

Hmm... I can activate the lens alright... it just doesn't show me anything in the spaces between the panels though. :-(

Darius Drake says:

Who would want to annoy anything made of pure magic, they tend not to be able to be destroyed and can attack you for the rest of your life.

Jindra34 says:

Doomed would seem to be inevitable with Feiht around, at least it is at the hands of something cute and cuddly.

EcchiKitty says:

Musical speech.... intresting.... though now I wonder about a faerie dragon with a lisp.....

Osk says:

they are magical, they don't lisp

Shadow says:

But what if they did?

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

YAY! I love that the faerie dragon "speaks" in bass clef!

Winterbay says:

Interesting music. It's a quite nice piece, someone should expand on it with this theme as a central piece. I can't since I suck at that kind of thing, but I'll gladly listen to it :)

Mithandir says:

Somebody already did - about 70 years ago :)

Nebra Reppalk says:

I wouldn't be too worried. I don't think a Faerie Dragon would get irritated with a Pixie. They'd probably have fun.

Docmortand says:

Awesome dialog...and yeah, Peter and the Wolf is an awesome choice for repping the Shadow Wolf. Your comic just went up like 20 style points in my opinion. And it was ALREADY very high!

Mithandir says:

I'm amazed somebody actually got it. Well done :)

Katkat says:

What I want to know is, does the faerie dragon's voice sound like french horns when it "says" that???

Chariset says:

It's sort of like the world's most adorable seahorse/squid cross..

Nathan R. says:

he has a good singing voice...

Myst says:

*pets fea dragon* Cute... and it sings..... gotta teach my birds that

Kathleen says:

I love your rendition of the faerie dragon. It so cute! :3

Kuyselle Goldword says:

I love the way the faerie dragon talks... that would be so fun to interpret as a language.

Sologretto says:

After seeing this for the 2nd time I suddenly decided to decipher the music. Peter and the Wolf used for the shadow wolf... hehe... Not sure whether or not I'm sad that someone else got it first, but high class your using that song for the theme. :-D

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