Pixie Lie Detector
Chasing the Sunset
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Firelander says:

*cries* that means i have to do with less fun each week :(, btw love the reaction of the fairy dragon to feiht

Shadow says:

Faerie Dragons: Natural enemy of Pixies?

Chariset says:

I just noticed Myhrad is back asleep. How does he do that?

Odofitzg says:

@Chariset -- Myrhad has natural talent.
As for the faerie dragon attacking Feiht, note that it only did so until a correct translation was rendered. This means that it can understand human/elf speech. It also seems to be laughing in panel five. Love the dragonlet.

Winterbay says:

Feiht should've taken her own advice not to annoy a dragon faerie... :)

Also: I see the dragon has changed pitch an octave or so up...

Alric says:


Darius Drake says:

Fallen Leaf! Pet the pretty dragon fairy. It does good deeds.

Pulsar says:

I think Myhrad is cowering underneath a blanket rather then sleeping. It also seems the faerie dragon has a pretty awesome offense/defense mechanism. Havign rayguns on your head must be pretty sweet.

Drake says:

Look like the fairy Dragon knows just what do with a Pixie around. Nice thing to see!

Feight says:

Waaa! Mean dragon hit me!!!

Faerie Dragon says:

*Zap zap zap zap*
*Mario theme*

Ladyfox says:

Heee!! Faerie Dragon knows how to handle sneaky Pixie, GOOD! I hope Faerie Dragon travels with them for a while. Love the Cat-Faerie in the border....

Skivverus says:

Anyone else read the faerie dragon in panel 5 as saying/singing/tune-ing "follow the yellow brick road"?

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Anyone else vaguely worried about what "some people who do" means? As in, people a faerie dragon KNOWS?

Dark Donkey says:

Neat angel cat :)

Winterbay says:

Skivverus: As long as it's not a "yellow sick toad" I'm ok with that. (if you don't get that one, go read "The Wee Free Men" by Terry Pratchett)

hkmaly says:

Kuyselle Goldword: Well, I would assume that by "people" he didn't mean humans.

Why did they need the way out? I didn't noticed they were lost ... or is THAT the reason they didn't manage to cross the valley before nightfall?

Odofitzg says:

@Skivverus -- I believe you are correct about the tune in panel 5

Chariset says:

There seems to be something about a faerie dragon that makes people... respectful. I suppose even if these other 'people' don't really want to cooperate, they're going to be helpful anyway.

bellab says:

it's "somewhere over the rainbow" and "follow the yellow brick road"! yay!

Cemalidor says:

Tehehe, serves her right. ^^ Micro Magic Missiles go.

Zela says:

Wizard of Oz tunes ftw! Pretty dragon, too. And smart.

Sologretto says:

Somewhere over the Rainbow = I don't know?
Follow the Yellow Brick Road = I'll take you to someone who does... hrm...

This is fun. Hope the dragon makes relatively regular showings moving forward. :-D

... says:

The way out is somewhere over the rainbow!
Better bring a ladder.

l says:

is it just me, or is Feiht doing some sparkley glowey thing towards the dragons in the second panel?

Also,I think the fairy dragon as the supreme and mystical powers of fireworks, never before seen by man. or woman.
Though it may just be dragon snot. Eww...

????? says:

drat! the computer glitched and sent a blank message. anyway, i can play some of the faerie dragon's songs on the piano.

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