Useful Little Dragon
Chasing the Sunset
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Jeremiah says:

There's a increasing number of mushrooms in each panel...

Irish Drinker says:

Awsome! They are about to be teleported away using a Fairy Ring :) And the Wall of Fire is pretty sweet :)

Cemalidor says:

Yes, spotted said fairy ring recently too, any bets if our heros seen him too (not)?

Pulsar says:

Ayne seems pretty hurt, those are some nasty wounds ... The appearing mushrooms struck me too, wonder what they are for. Very cool Myhrad action here, it's this kind of unexpected firy action combined with his cynicism that makes him such an awesome character. Also, i can't find the secret anywhere, unless it's the flamelike thing without coloring in the bottom right of the last panel.

Sitara says:

I guess they found the fairies. (fairy ring, anyone?)

Anakha says:

Indeed, cool move on Myrads side.
And lets see where the fairy ring sends them, shall we? ;)

Katkinkate says:

I wonder what that stick-like object is behind them.

bsmaka says:

Is it just me or do they look like they are standing in a giant bullseye now that Myhrad made his circle of flame?

chocolate cake says:

the fairy ring is probably going to send hem to the fairies

chocolate cake says:

what! a six week break. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

niukal says:

that ring of mushies might not be for a teleport might act as a ward agaist those beasties

Nebra Reppalk says:

Okay, piece of advice number one: STAY INSIDE THE FAIRY RING! IF you find yourself withing a magic circle, sometimes it pays to stay put.'s hoping the fire doesn't consume our heroes.

I can't resist: I fell into a burning ring of fire/ I went down down down and the flames went higher/ And it burns burns burns/ The Ring of Fire, The Ring of Fire.

Golux says:

Not sure I'd want to be in that fairy ring. Not necessarily a safe place to be...

no one says:

Nope the secert isn't here yet thats too easy.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Lucky they sent Feiht away before Myrhad breathed fire...

OWK says:

I think the stick is Ayne's unstrung bow.

Who brought the marshmallows?

Ladyfox says:

6 weeks...WOW- you don't joke around when you take a holiday, do you? :P Have a lovely time, and I'll set a reminder on my calendar to be here in mid-October.
That said- Love Myrhad's fire ring, AND the Faerie Ring they should soon realize they are in!

Lee says:

Nebra Reppalk: darn, you beat me to it with the song.

Myst says:

You realise the circle of mushrooms is more protection than teleportation, or are we going of OLD OLD fair folk shtik? Where you step in the circle and wind up in the fairy halls?

Grinmore says:

Either way, they ought to stay in the circle. If it's protection, then they'd be possibly safe. If its teleportation to the faere halls, then that might be troublesome, but perhaps less than being eaten? Wait... No, fey can be extremely cruel tricksters dependent on the legend. Well, then escape later, if that's the case. No clue until it happens. Dang about the wait, but I'll definitely be checking on the comic then. :D

hkmaly says:

Well, if it IS the teleportation kind of fairy ring, they already have problems because of steping INTO it ... going out now will not help ...

Someguy says:

Woo! Go Myhrad!!
Also, I wonder why the fairie dragon ran away... it helped the first time the shadow-things attacked.

Anonymous says:

Pulsar: Believe it or not, the signs point to her wounds being minor. Head wounds bleed profusely, so the little blood shown means that the wounds are quite small. Likewise, the little blood shown on her arm implies a smaller wound.
The most serious wound is on her leg. Although running sped the bleeding up, the claw marks and blood patterns suggests a moderate injury. However, basic first aid would most likely be enough to stop the bleeding.

OWK says:

My thought is that the faerie dragon left because it has completed its task to deliver them to the faeries. It's not afraid of the shadow wolves. And given the ways things tend to go I expect said faerie ring more likely to be a trapdoor than a teleportation...


I disagree on that the mushrooms become MORE each panel. Look at panels 1 and 3... they become less as the illumination goes away.

So I think these mushrooms are invisible as long as they are not hit by significant amount of light, like, let's say a dragon breath fire ring right around them.

Myst says:

I think the mushrooms were just drawn in wrong at some point, and illumination has nothing to do with it. It could also be angles of view, their bodies blocking the mushrooms, or simply "Oops, stepped on one"


Well, the staff emits light from its shiny... and as the staff is picked up the mushrooms fade away, only to reappear when the fire is burning all around.
It could even be a trigger to the circle, like "only activates if all mushrooms are visible".

Or this is how Sauron's Eye was created.

Someguy says:

... not sure about Sauron's googlies, but what are the odds of them stopping in the exact middle of a fairie circle barely large enough for all three?
I agree with the others - definitely a teleportation/trapdoor/doohickey.

Lecs says:

What's the secret? It's driving me nuts!

hkmaly says:

"all mushrooms are visible" to who? Them? Will not trigger:-). Us, the readers? 4th wall breaking. The fairies? Superfluous.

Osk says:

at least i wasnt the only one who had a sudden sauron/eye flash

Chariset says:

Good to see I wasn't the only one thinking Johnny Cash, Nebra

Ford Prefect says:

Why doesn't Mr. Leaf-I'm-possesed just use the furies?
Seems like that would scare them away.

Ford Prefect says:

Oh and btw--a lot of stories I've read say a fairy ring is a BAD thing to get caught by...probably not the case in this though....


Ring of fire... something tells me this is going to end poorly...

hkmaly says:

Ford Prefect: Good question. Perhaps he though it will scare off Ayne and Myhrad too? :-) Nah, it probably only didn't occured to him ... he's not really practical AND don't have much experience in using furies ...

OWK says:

Furies, plus flame nearby... hmm. Could that leave to a large part of the local wildlife preserve getting burned down? Which, I presume, would make the patron (not to mention guardian) of said preserve somewhat upset? Oh wait, or protaganists are geared for that!


hkmaly: think of "must be hit by direct light, such as fire, sunlight or magic" then...
: hey, you are stealing my name!
OWK: you're right... the apocalypse might be closer than the protagonists know...

Reinder says:

I've just done my fist spam checking/deleting run even though I'm not actually sure if Mith and Alien are gone yet. While they are away, if you do see spam, you can alert me at .

l says:

Maybe the fairy dragon doesn't want to be caught being responsible fr bringing them there.

ya never know.

hkmaly says:

Hmmmm ... the fairy dragon promised he lead them to fairies. Perhaps he thinks he's no longer needed, considering the fact he leaded them into the fairie ring ...

hailstorm says:


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