It's Ronny!
Chasing the Sunset
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Kaotik4266 says:

I love everything about Ayne in this one, especially her expression! See you guys in October!

Winterbay says:

Wonderful art in this one, makes me want to have a plush shadow wolf :)
I also wonder if the title is a play on the "Here's Jonny"-quote but probably not. Pop culture references is not my best area of expertise...

Buretsu says:

Uh-oh, looks like Leaf has Fury

Osk says:

wow. myrhad looks dangerous and valiant, maybe he's growing into being a dragon. go get em!

Cemalidor says:

Oh noes, so long to cover? :sadpanda:
Hope you recover there.

Someguy says:

*sad panda seconded*

civile says:

We'll be extra extra nice :)

Shiqra says:

I'll be nice!! I promise!!
Like the nod here to the classic comic device: the Cliffhanger. Can't wait to see what happens next. Have fun on your vacation!

EcchiKitty says:

Hehehe... Find it great how the more dangerous they look, the less dangerous they actually are... sorta. Myrhad looks deadly, but is probally shaking in his boots... well, would be were he wearing boots. Ayne is just as dangerous as she looks. Leaf looks like a soft pushover, but were he to let the Furies loose.... wow.

Irish Drinker says:

Awsome art :) Yes, perhaps they all realize, they need to grow up and not be kids... Lets get some pawnige going!

Lee says:

What you on about, "if you're nice"? I've never been more bleedin' nice in my whole damn life.

Orca says:

Enjoy the vacation. Don't hijack any low class ships while you're out there.

Ford Prefect says:

Lol, looks like he took my advice and decided to use the furies!

indrico says:

Irony NTS? Stony Rit? snyrtion? IDK!

Tensko says:

The entire group is starting to look very cool.


Ronny huh? ... *think think* ... *clueless*

Ishtar says:

Are the furies called Ronny?

tarot says:

My guess for a title is the Johnny Cash song "Ring of Fire". By all means take the time you require. I'd much have a wonderful story and art from rested, relaxed artists then nothing from artists who have become ill due to over-committment. Please enjoy your break; we will be here for you.

no one says:

WHAT is with the mushrooms?

no one says:

Oh yeah and the quote is "Its Johny"

Lee says:

Nah, that'd be "Here's Johnny", wouldn't it?

Chariset says:

We'll miss you, but I hope you have a good time and get rested. See you in a month

Sheela says:

I'll be nice, I'll be nice, I promise!
Not only will I be nice, I'll be naughty too!!

Lise says:

Though I can't wait for more, this is a very much well-deserved holiday. And hey! Chasing the Sunset returns on... my birthday! X3

Almerase says:

Haven't you seen the spiderwick chronicles? Everyone knows that a special mushroom protects from evil :P

Chommy says:


no one says:


Pulsar says:

Shees i'm having withdrawal symptoms here and there's still 2 weeks left...

Ethos says:

2 weeks left... and here I am checking back every day

Dragonpuppy says:

I have never posted before, but I just want it known for the record...I am being very nice. So have a fun safe trip as to return safe and refreshed to gimme some more little blue dragon adventures! Also my 5 month old daughter loves looking at your strip.

Irish Drinker says:

Awwww.. just missed my birthday, and no new comic :(

SairalindeTasartir says:

Hey!! It's October! Now I just have to wait 10 more days.... arg! I don't want to! lol

SairalindeTasartir says:

ooo! only five more days! Can I make it? I will have to!

simon_w says:

6 days!

Snake says:

left behind a few years ago, found the story again a few months ago and now I'm all caught up again. I hate waiting for updates but I can wait if I have to.

Winterbay says:

I feel a sudden urge to post "5 days!", but I shall not do it :)

no one says:


Lee says:

Hooray! It's October! Our heroes will soon be back!

Boo! It's October! The days are getting shorter and the clocks will soon go back and we'll have those gloomy dark evenings and then before long I'll have to think what Christmas presents to buy everybody...

Just as well I've got Chasing the Sunset to look forward to, otherwise I'd be *so* depressed.

Winterbay says:

yay! It's October and we will finally get back that hour which they stole from us in the spring!

P.S. Please remove the stupid DST-idea from the world... There is absolutely no point in it anymore, especially after the harmonised the dates all over Europe...

no one says:


Kuyselle Goldword says:


Ford Prefect says:


Shali says:

Not much longer....

??? says:

It's the 14th. Weren't wed nice enough?

Tone says:


Ford Prefect says:

Erm. The only thing I can think of is The Shining, and I'm pretty sure that's unrelated....

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This was the filler/cliffhanger during the longest continuous hiatus the comic has been on when we went off to africa for 6 weeks and came back to a broken computer.

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