Faerie Ex Machina
Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

This strip isn't shaded due to my broken hand. I'll fix it when I'm healed. Read news update for details.

smileywiley says:

I for one am excited for a new update and now I can let my breath go from holding it for so long! But which is more dangerous? To be with the faeries or back with the shadow creatures?

hkmaly says:

Seems Leaf noticed the circle ... still, I've expected they will be teleported and then someone appear, not the other way ...

cbhacking says:

Hooray update! So sorry about your hand; that sucks. Anyhow... LOVE Ayne's expression in the last panel. That and Leaf's matter-of-fact, completely unsurprised reaction. It's good to have CtS back!

Katkinkate says:

They haven't been moved! They've been shrunk!! Look at the size of the mushroom they are standing under.

Firelander says:

I like it, who says the unpredictable can't be predicted.

Vagabond. says:

Yay. We have finally been good. Faerie ex Machina indeed.

Lindale says:

Yay for the update! I love Leaf's plans, they're always entertaining and sometimes even successfull! :D
I hope your hand gets better soon!

Someguy says:

Omg! Don't draw with a broken hand, you'll make it worse!

Flightmare says:


Ford Prefect says:

Leaf's hand is on fire XD
Furies anyone?
And yeah, I think they got shrunk.
"Honey, I shrunk the elves!"

Sabreur says:

Very nice twist! I was wondering if that 'faerie circle' they were standing in would be plot-relevant.

BASM says:

There is nothing like your favorite comic going on hiatus to make you appreciate even the slightest update (and not care a twit that it hasn't been shadowed yet)!

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

*plays loud loud 1812 overture to celebrate*

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Still is quite pretty without shading, couldn't hope for me to draw like this. Ever.


Rotflmao "we get rescued by magicallly appearing sprites that teleport us to their magical kingdom of safety!"

Jindra34 says:

It seems kinda odd to me that Ayne considers most of Leaf's plans to violate the laws of nature. Oh well.

Golux says:

Umm, when you are in an area devoted to protecting fairies and such, you are in a fairy tale. Silly girl!

Lecs says:

Did they teleport or shrink? That giant mushroom might be one of the ones in the fairy ring

Cemalidor says:

Hope you hand will recover fast, still a nice comic. :D

Well, Ayne seems clearly to hate it that the 'plan' succeded

CoolHandNuke says:

Poor Ayne. The world is so unfriendly to logical people.

Mime says:

Leaf is Logical he's just so much more logical then everyone else that he seems illogical

Winterbay says:

Yay, a new comic!
I think what Ayne fails to understand is that she IS in a story... :)

factuallyfictional says:

Ouch about the surgery, those are a real pain. Especially when they get it wrong and do permanent damage :(

Zela says:

Man, you two are dedicated. Don't strain yourselves over the comic! (which looks beautiful as usual, and great dialogue)

Darius Drake says:

You seem to have forgotten that you are now in the land where the stories never died.

Ultrainventor says:

good to see the comic back. sry about your hand Mithandir. I hope it gets better. oh and LOL! Ayne is NEVER right!

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Mith and Alien, you two are freaking amazing. I love you both. Magically appearing sprites. You two are genii.

Caribet says:

Ever so glad to hear you are both recovering, and that the toilet-monster is being tamed!
I must add how marvellous your photos are, and how impressed I (and my wife) are with your eye for a picture.
Thank you both

Ford Prefect says:

Hey, where's Feight?

Pendraco says:

Off causing mayhem, i would think


heh. ummm, yes? obeys natural laws? as far as fairies and pixies are concerned

Sheela says:

Obviously, the faries had to fetch them, so they could help stop Feight !
Poor Faries have had her there for several minutes, and she's hyped up on shinies .. poor, poor faries !

Jack O. Lantern says:

Happy Halloween ;D

Robaato says:

So...>sigh< translates to "I wish they wouldn't encourage him," right? (^_^)

l says:

It isn't that the unpredictable can't be predicted, it is just that in order to predict the unpredictable, you have to be umpredictable yourself. That way, in comparison, the unpredictableness is less unpredictable, because you are predictable enough to be able to predict how unpredictably something unpredictable will act. The thing is, if you are unpredictable enough to be able to predict the unpredictable, you are so unpredictable yourself that anybody who wouldn't understand for themselves (namely those people who are not unpredictable) wouldn't be able to predict you either, so it wouldn't matter.

For an example, take Anne. She is only partially unpredictable. She is able to understand that Leaf is unpredictable, and understands somehow how he will act in his unpredicableness, but she is not unpredictable enough to be able to understand how Leaf is able to predict these unpredictable things happening... Or not happening, depending on weather or not she is able to stop him.

l says:

Oops. I meant to say "because you are unpredictable enough to predict" instead of "because you are predictable enough to predict".

Chariset says:

Welcome back A and M! Nevermind the shading.. I'm just glad to see the story continuing.

no one says:

Hope another comes soon.

Volxtreema says:

this wouldnt come up for me when reading forward, only backwards??

Lina says:

This comic is not properly linked to the last one. From the "Eep"page i'll get sent to page 607, not this one.
*is in the middle of the first archive binge - this comic is really awsome!*

Mithandir says:

Thanks for letting us know, I'll toss teh eep filler strip into aside archive so it doesn't mess up our numbering anymore.

And yay, more readers.

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