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simon_w says:

Copyright should have ended about 9 years ago (34 in New Zealand :D)

They should set Myhrad on fire :D

Alric says:

Big sister is watching you!

Winterbay says:

Actually the copyright for 1984 expires in 2020 in the EU since the directive "Copyright Duration Directive (93/98/EEC)" extended the copyright for published works from 50 years after the authors death to 70 years. But that is just silly anyway :)

Odo says:

Hmmm... I notice that the faces of the faeries are anime oriental. Was this purposeful or accidental. Either way, it works.

Osk says:

Ayne, this is not the moment for sarcasm. Not when what they say can come true... though, if they call you a big meany, you'll be yourself again, leaf a big dreamer and Myrhad a big softy (or big coward)

hey, i just realized. we all know now that feith the other way around is thief, ayne is enya (a singer). Leaf would be aproximately feal, but myrhad, would make dahrym, or in short dream

Anakha says:

hmmmm, copyright nor not, its a "humorously wronged citation". I dont think anyone can have anything against that (not even Lucas Arts was succesful with that, see various great fun offering Comics).

Also: yay, funny.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I don't care what they say, fey steal children. My great-great-great-great grandfather Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Reppalk knew. He had to rescue children of an entire village from one very determined Fairie

Ford Prefect says:

Say what you will, they still sound like pixies to me. Just no "shiiiiinniiiieeeesss" death wish.

Osk says:

could big sister be someone we already know?

Aebliss says:

I'd guess it's the same Fey we know as the Lady, though I may well be wrong. So far, the faeries seem less hazardous to be around to me. ^^

Abidar says:

Copyright infringement wouldn't apply for two reasons, 1) it's being parodied and 2) this is a free webcomic.

Tensko says:

Ayne has gotten so blue. I was comparing her to the first half of the comic.

Nathan R. says:

*Is clueless* Copyright infringment for WHAT exactly? Which is this scene similar to?

Pulsar says:

Interesting, fearies don't scale down with the viewer it seems. I love those wings by the way, they're so pretty *-*

Sheela says:

If everything they say becomes truth, could leaf ask them to make feith an honest, nonthieving, nonpranksting pixy .. or would that stretch it ?

Sheela says:

oooo ... I just found the comments expand button .. yay! :D

Torechwen says:

Well, well. What have we here. Does this mean fairies have a conspiratorial and totalitarian government?

Ultrainventor says:

heheheh. love it. :)

Someguy says:

If it turns out Feiht is their big sister, I'm gonna groan.

Ultrainventor says:

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get it! panels 2 and 3. what fairies say comes true, so the little fairy was about to light leaf's pants on fire! ROFLOL

Ultrainventor says:

sry, didn't pay attention to panel 4. I kind of have what would be called, selective observation. i guess.

Cemalidor says:

Hihi, looks like this could be fun. ^^

hkmaly says:

Nathan R.: Scene? Nothing. Only that one sentence ...

Aebliss: My guess too.

Torechwen: Not necessary. In totalitarian goverment, the CITIZENTS are spied upon, not elves.

Sheela: I suppose that not everything they say happen ... maybe only several phrases. The "big meany" could work.

Pulsar says:

I already said it but really, when looking at the comic again a few days later, it struck me once more... i seriously love those wings!

Beacon80 says:

hkmaly: I'm also confused. What line in here is allegedly copyrighted?

hkmaly says:

Beacon80: You really should read the novel "1984" by George Orwell. Before next election at the latest.

Mithandir says:

For those who are confused: The copyright commenst are about the alt-text of this comic (hover over it and see :)). The original line in question is "Big Brother is watching you."

Ultrainventor says:

hmm... i'm contemplating again. stop me before I hurt myself too bad. I wonder if the Lady is the big sister. she is a superior fay, and fairies are lesser fay, so it would make sense.

Ultrainventor says:

drat, I keep saying things that have already been said. great comic by the way.

that guy again says:

Meh? Calling older siblings (and other authorities) "big" is as old as the hills. And if anyone should try to claim the copyright on the phrase "big brother" (and have it extended to cover "big sister"), they might as well try to register the number 1984 as a trademark. Does anyone remember how we had to skip directly from 1983 to 1985 on the calendar? Me neither.

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