Big Sister
Chasing the Sunset
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Cemalidor says:

Ok, looks like more background details coming there. :D

Odo says:

I love how Myrhad is getting his wings massaged. The wavy borders for the backstory is good, too.

Lusiad says:

Hmm... someone who leaves home... meets a pixie... hmm... nope, doesn't ring any bells! :D

Watsuki says:

Hrm, Myrhad seems to always get a lot of attention when everyone isn't running for their lives... are dragons really that loveable? Then again, maybe fairys aren't bothered by dragons fire breathing stuffs.

hkmaly says:

If she's first faerie and pixies changed themself to look like faeries later, WHO did she met?

Lee says:

Well, she's not meeting a man from the motor trade...

Nina Anima says:

I just wonder... Feiht said that pixies modelled themselves after the fairies, yet we know pixies are one of the oldest races - especially older than the humans-living-in-houses stage. Granted, pixie-knowledge is questionable at best, but I still can't help wondering if there's anything to this.

Oh, and btw, lovely artwork in this! I especially love the girl's hair in the last panel - perfectly done!

slophie says:

She reminds me of the lady of the woods...

simon_w says:

Reminds me of the Peter Pan story (about Peter anyway)

Alric says:

Big Sister Wendy?

-Norbert- says:

I see no problem in Pixies being older than their current appearance. They just looked different before they got the idea to hide their true identities behind the faries cute exteriour.

Osk says:

also, -pixies- say they model after faeries, -pixies- say, etc... when did you start believing pixies?

Unknown says:

Maybe Big Sister IS the Lady of the Woods? I'm not sure but didn't somebody somewhere say, that she is indeed a sort of faerie?

Unknown says:

The whole discussion about how the girl met a faerie...
It's a story told by the faerie and visualized, so we don't have to read half the update full of text, right?
So, if the faerie says:'The girl met a pixie' we'll see a pixie in their current form so the Authors don't have to mark the creature with an pointy arrow labeled 'Pixie', right? I mean... It's just logical and it really doesn't matter how the pixies looked like, say... a thousand years ago, does it?

Unknown says:

'how the girl met a pixie' I mean, naturally

MaryX says:

Looks a little like the beginning of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - you have the little girl climbing out into a snowy wood and meeting a magical creature. In this case it's a window, not a magical wardrobe (although you can see a wardrobe in the background of the second panel), but it's funny how similar the scenes look.

Vinom, the lazy creation god says:

We never have had solid evidince that pixies can't travel through time

fff says:

Remember that 'first' can also be titular rather than chronological (cf. first lady Michelle Obama).

Unknown says:

Yeah, but somehow I don't really think that this is meant here, I think it's really meant historical

USFPutty says:

Feiht looks "human", more or less, but Sohac certainly doesn't. Perhaps not all pixies have elected to alter their appearances. Perhaps some don't all the time. They're pixies. (Sort of a chaotic neutral QED, like "a wizard did it".)

hkmaly says:

fff: Wouldn't that be First lady Michelle Obama?

Vinom the Lazy: true. We can't use Occam's razor on pixies. Not shiny enough.

Unknown: This is indeed possibility ...

Pulsar says:

The feary in the first panel on the left seems like it's missing some color in the wings. What's the girl playing with in panel 4? A doll?

A kid running away into the forest meeting a magical creature ... Story of Leaf and Myhrad?

no one says:


Ultrainventor says:

wonder what she saw... NO! no. I will not contemplate this for hours this time. nuts. please stop me.

EdorFaus says:

Ultrainventor: Heheheeh, that last part made me think of the "Oooh! Sssomebody sstop me!" line from The Mask :)

Volxtreema says:

Hmmmm... interesting

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