Running along
Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

poot -- blank page...

caribet says:

white cat with eyes closed, sitting in a snowstorm?

Ladyfox7oaks says:

And a paw over his little pink nose?

SGdragon says:

While cuddling with his polar bear friend

simon_w says:

New comic! Woo!

And it's awesome! :D

Cemalidor says:

I don't think i'd join a running herd. ^^ Nicely drawn. :)

KBKarma says:

Yeah, don't join any group of running animals.

Also, welcome back, guys. Lovely page.

torechwen says:

We... we got an update?
We actually got an UPDATE!

hkmaly says:

Yipee! Update!

KBKarma & Cemalidor: Joining a running herd of unicorns is especially bad idea. Not only they can trample you in, out and into the ground, also think about all these spiky horns behind you ... she should stay behind that tree.

Unknown says:

Aren't unicorns supposed to be gentle and caring... animals?
So they wouldn't trample or poke you, right?

hkmaly says:

Unknown: Them being gentle only means they would TRY to not do it. In most road accidents, no one actually WANTS to harm anyone ... yet it happens anyway.

Winterbay says:

Yay! A new comic. And it's a good one as well :)

Rose says:

Awws ^^ So heartwarming to see her trying to fit in with the unicorns. Too bad she doesn't succeed...

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your art and talent with us!

Therru says:

Unknown: Well, they are -- if you are a young virgin girl. If you're not, they're supposedly pretty dangerous.

Calaron says:

Well, if you think about it, a unicorn is just a big wild horse with a sharp point on the end it can charge you with. Sounds pretty dangerous to me!

craebild says:

What does Jiol mean in this connection ?

Unknown says:

Look at those shadows in panel 5 and 6... They're changing direction.
Whats behind her? And were the unicorns running from it, or just preceding it?

no one says:


Sabreur says:

Glad you're back! Awesome comic, very beautiful and sad.

Anakha says:

Unbeliavably an Update! I ahd almost forgotten this site......


do they only make one page each time? and how long will it take for next part to come

C-PM says:

In response to comment above: Mith and Alien's lives have been very hectic lately, so they haven't been able to get comics up on a regular basis. The target schedule is M-W-F updates.

Aish says:

I wish them luck with that

Zela says:

Yay comic update! With more unicorns!
Last panel looks like me after I've run around a bit, too. :P

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