Causality optional
Chasing the Sunset
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harrier says:

yay, new comic! *looking for someone to hug without succes, so hug computer instead*
keep up this speed, I like it :)

simon_w says:

Aww, poor second law of thermodynamics.

hkmaly says:

Took pity for what? Runing away from home? Was she, like, FORCED to run away?

Not only it breaks the laws of causality, it also mean nobody really invented the shape. Shows how powerfull pixies are ...

Odo says:

She took pity on Big Sister who was heartbroken at being unable to run with the unicorns. If you have read The Last Unicorn, you will understand.

If you have not read The Last Unicorn, by Peter Beagle, you should remedy the situation immediately. Do not assume that having seen the movie is a comparable experience.

Darius Drake says:

Maybe Pixies mimicked the idea of the faries appearance, and faries mimicked the appearance of pixies. Either that, or either a pixie or a farie traveled through time to start their race, and the others copied from that one who went back through time.

...I bet that Feiht went was the one who went or will go back in time. Just because it seems like something that Feiht would do, just for fun. And then forget about it. :)

Lee says:

Reminds me of Road Runner.

Coyote holds up placard reading: I wouldn't mind, but he violates the law of gravity.

Road Runner holds up a placard reading: That's OK, I never studied law.

Unknown says:

I think that particular pixie could've chosen that form for that meeting...
And Big Sister mimicked it. Then... the pixies saw the innocent elves and mimicked them, so Feiht's story could be right

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Love the new strip, love the alt-text!!!!! Wish I could make laws of physics run away crying...

Someone says:

You could say that when pixies are around, causality...
*puts on sunglasses*
... is a casualty.


Kaiou says:

They should've learned by now that no laws apply to the pixies.

Pulsy says:

They should really not expect stuff Feiht says to make sense... Still love the wings in panel 4! What can i say, i just love wings!

Zela says:

@Someone: You win. : D (adopts sunglasses)

Anakha says:

@ Someone: Yepp. Well put.

Also: VERY fun strip.

Lindale says:

Yay comic! :D
And always love how stuff about pixies makes perfect sense, as long as you don't expect them to fit in with anything to do with physics. Or reality. XD

Rose says:

I think the pixie's right. No matter they don't like logic, neither do I! :D

Logic is for wussies anyways. ^^

Watsuki says:

Hk: I dunno if she felt sorry for her running away as much as "hey, kid freezing to death in snow. Should prolly do something about that." I laughed so hard at the alt text I squirt Sprite all over my desk and am typing this after spending a good 15 minutes cleaning up.

Ultrainventor says:

WHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! first laugh in a long time. glad to see the comic back and everything alright.

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