Too many quests
Chasing the Sunset
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Abidar says:

Woot! New comic update already! Good job guys, glad to see you back with a vengence.

Sabreur says:

I figure any quest they forget about will find a way of reminding them. With a vengeance.

harrier says:

yay, keeping up speed, as I asked :P
love this one, btw

spark flare says:

yay. the comic is on.

Unknown says:

I love Panel 2. Myhrad being chased by a butterfly...

Rose says:

I love the details on the winged person with the green leaf-shirt on panel four! And Leaf's hair looks like my hairs on sunday. Totally adorable ^^

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

I love how messed up Leaf's hair is - and I also love Myhrad being chased by a butterfly. :)

LadyAsher says:

Wow, Leaf's hair is seriously messed up... how exactly did it get like that? It's been so long I don't even remember.. so glad you guys are back! And I love Myhrad and the butterfly =D

Odo says:

Good to see the updates continuing. I love Ayne's phrase "life-shattering 'uhm'.."

AnaharRequiem says:

It is so wonderful to see you guys back in action! I have been faithfully checking this page every day for the past few months, waiting patiently for this day to come, and it brings me such joy to see the return of Chasing The Sunset! Keep up the good work!

Lee says:

If you ask me Leaf's mussed-up hair makes him look bishier than ever.

Senel says:

Started reading about three days ago, and am now three days behind in work. However reading this was worth it.

spark flare says:

i thought dragons were brave! Myhrad is just to scared.

Osk says:

feith can change them back,if they can agree on the actual size..

Pulsy says:

How did Myhrad end up getting chased by a butterfly? Do butterflies like candy shaped like sleeping dragons?

Ultrainventor says:

haha! funny. lots of comics flowed in at once...

spark flare says:

i hope mhyrad gets braver

Ultrainventor says:

oh! WHAHAHAHAHA!!!! i didn't notice myrad being chased by the butterfly!

spark flare says:

yes! that is the point. mach 18th is my 13th birthday.have a great day. p.s i did not to be that harsh.

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