Faerie the dragons!
Chasing the Sunset
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Go on Feiht, you can win!

Edgard says:

Oops, first but without a name =X lol...

Edgard says:

Love the bunny btw ;D

-Norbert- says:

"tell that pixie thaere's no pot of gold when the rainbow insn't there."
Don't tell her, or she will just make a rainbow to get the shiny :P

Unknown says:

It's a Feith-Bunny!
Faerie the dragon... makes sense, they can't say 'man the dragon'

Darius Drake says:

She might just make the shiny appear if she wins anyway, so I don't think it matters.

Lindale says:

No, do tell her - she's make the rainbow and be too distracted by it to remember the shiny :D

Someguy says:

Feiht actually has a guilty look on her face if you zoom in. And that dragon kind of looks like "Fairy the WHAT?"

Anakha says:


Ladyfox7oaks says:

I love that "Big Sister" would rather have Leaf despise her, than to know some of the horrors children go through that would make them want to forget their parents... good for her. That is wisdom.

Rock says:

I agree. And I hope the people who were criticizing Big Sister so harshly before are paying attention ...? ;)

Pulsy says:

Yes! everyone faerie the dragons! Wooo i said it too :D

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