Chasing the Sunset
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Edgard says:

Ah forgot it's April's Fool Day...

Edgard says:

Ok, after unveiling what's beyond that curtain and that fancy CTS logo, I have to say this is a really good one! Love it! :D

hkmaly says:

Edgard: Really good joke, but not the right way to boost the rating. Which actually match ALL transformations.

The Fansheep says:

Want to see Ayne in amazone girl outfit! xD Lovly page and lot less scarying then last first april joke ;p

Winterbay says:

Best April Fool's ever! :)

Also, I totally support an update every Pi days...

Decypher says:

Edgard says:

Which one is that fake stereo image of last year?

Darius Drake says:

I'd rather that it update every half pi days, instead of every pi days. That would mean that we get more updates! Of course, the current update schedule works too.

Lindale says:

...the magnifying glass version ...XD!!

Alric says:

Nice April's Fool :)

Rock says:

I especially like Myhrad's panel. :D

Vulpis says:

Hee. Fun outfit on Ayne. Though it would have been even more fun it if had been a...acquaintance of the source of that outfit, and Leaf was in a big floppy hat. ;-)

Pulsy says:

Omg Ayne looks adorable! :D ... i hope she didn't hear that ... *looks around, worried*

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

That is SO awesome! I love the sense of humor, and the expression on Myhrad's face!

skyeangel says:

Very cute; especially Myhrad being chased by a Pokeball.

l says:

I can imagine Leaf in this "new version"

Trapped in an about-to-explode evil base of the galactic tree people, FURY Leaf has a plan... (cue dramatic music)

Lise says:

Pfft! Oh, wow, that last panel up close is hilarious. And, if I were Ayne, I wouldn't come out wearing that either.

EK says:

*snerk* Very nice.

C-PM says:

Magnified versoin is freaking awesome!!!! I love it!

Alric says:


Ladyfox says:

BWAHAHAHAAA!! Well done, AND the "Update Schedule" too!

LadyPhoenix says:

*claps excitedly* Yay! Something even my kids will love!

Golux says:

Thanks! Really great, loved the fantasy Voltronesque amalgam in the last panel.

Shiqra says:

AHAHAHAHA!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! Myrahd's expression is priceless. And I know how Ayne feels.

Kaiou says:

Awesome comic. Gotta love the Ayne part. Yeah Feiht doesn't need to be any more awesome.

hkmaly says:

So, the ways to make it even "better" (read: with more cliche ways to boost rating): Leaf should MAKE that mecha/exoskeleton. The problem wouldn't be he hasn't read the manual but that he didn't WRITE any.

Zela says:

Oh. Oh dear. Hahahaha!

Phenoca says:

Nooooo! So TACKY... Except for the Leaf-Mecha xD

that guy again says:

Pay no attention to the elf behind he curtain.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

"Yeah. Just Feiht."
Hehehehe. Wish I hadn't missed earlier updates-- glad to see my fave webcomic is up and... flying? exploding? loling? again.

Sabreur says:

I know it's a joke, but "Fury" Leaf looks really impressive! Nice work on that design.

Osk says:

the more i look at this, the more i think Feith had a hand in this

Someguy says:

Hah! I didn't even think of the magnifying glass til I saw it in the comics!
Though I was expecting something more... amazony for Ayne.

Someguy says:

Er, "comments"

Edgard says:

Another extra day til the next one? :(

Ultrainventor says:

meheheheh. Leaf's Fury form looks kind of like something I would invent.
also, poor Myhrad.

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