Plan to get out
Chasing the Sunset
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Edgard says:

New comic. Yay!

Edgard says:

Uhmmm... the Guardian, and yes, that toothless does look a bit like Myhrad...

distantvoices says:

meh, toothless got way more guts I daresay *sfg* and he/she likes flying and spitting fire. And the color is way different. apart from that - heck they both are dragons so they are supposed to chum up. ^^

Alric says:

Not seen How to Train Your Dragon yet, on my list to watch.

Rose says:

Toothless may be cool but Myhrad sure as hell is cooler :P He can speak, he's got more colours, ... Hm, on the other hand Toothless is more likely to be cuddeled, no?
I love frame two, how'd you come up with using flowerpetals from a daisy as a curtain? ^^
PS: I've kind of given up on finding the hidden things :P Thanks for helping me tho :)

Pulsy says:

Is the small fearie cuddling a bee? o.O Sounds painful unless it's a trained pet...

Darius Drake says:

I bought the book of that. I think the movie covered bits of the entire series that the book started. With some major story changes.

The book version of Toothless starts about the size of half grown duck.

Radine says:

Hey long time reader but first time commenter here. Just wanted to say how much I love this webcomic. Ya'll do an excellent job.
PS: @Pulsy
I think it's actually a stuffed toy judging by the way she's holding it in the first two panels.

hkmaly says:

I see the professor have similar ideas like Leaf. Perhaps they can build the mecha together :-)

Hmmm .... how exactly is wooden rocket propelled?

Why don't they use the rocket at least to fly to border of valley?

Odo says:

Professor? Where did he come from?

hkmaly says:

Odo: He was already there, working for some invention probably.

d says:

i think tooth less is way beter becas he can blow stuff up with one blast

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