Big Ba-da-boom
Chasing the Sunset
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Firelander says:

well not exactly but then again, i am wondeirnghow te little bird is flying so i think feiht is using magic on her.

alos, first

hkmaly says:

Being normal :-).

I second the suspicion that she is subconsciously helping the too-young-bird to fly.

Lindale says:

I third the suspicion. :D

And I actually laughed out loud at the last panel XD

Lee says:

Oh, wow, a hidden Fifth Element reference. Can this strip get any cooler?

Lee says:

Um, not quite as hidden as I thought, because it's in the title as well, but still...

Remmon says:

Indeed, proof that Feiht still has all her powers. The birdy has wings, hence it can fly. Even if those wings are far too short because Feiht doesn't know about that.

Iceea says:

"And if I were Ayne..." Ba-Da-Boom Yep evil pixie and Ayne don't mix. She's probably lost it and taking all those pent up desires to throttle Feiht's little neck to the max. I can't wait to catch up the rest of the crew. I'm sure Myrhad's cometary will be truly expressive!

Zela says:


Golux says:

Dollars to donuts, that chick is flying because Feiht thinks it can. Thankfully for both of them, she hasn't realized that.

Watsuki says:

I am somewhat curious as to what EXACTLY just blew up. Hopefully it's nothing anyone will miss.

Ultrainventor says:


Pulsy says:

The baby birds expression in the second panel is priceless :D You can see the "wtf?" on its little face XD

MadMann135 says:

Feiht has been around Leaf for too long, even her plans though ridicules at times are starting to have the desired results.

Ultrainventor says:

to make a reference to an earlier strip, Leaf's plans always work because they take the universe by surprise. I guess that is the same with Feiht, only on a more extreme and literal scale.

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