Falling to Conclusions
Chasing the Sunset
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Calydor says:

That proves it. Feiht hasn't lost her magical powers, she just thinks she has because she's so self-absorbed.

caribet says:

wonderful! Feiht trying to "help" all other flying creatures...

Darius Drake says:


hkmaly says:

That trajectory in frame 3 .... is it only for "landing" or does it mean that the whole "flight" was actually not so stable and we only wasn't be shown that?

And, yes, the ultimate proof ... also, she already forgot that the mother eagle have no problem flying.

hkmaly says:

And good question: How big area does she really affected? She may actually be more powerfull in this state that normally, but I still suppose there are some limits, otherwise pixies would already destroyed the world by mistake ...

Remmon says:

The good part about pixies is their attention span. That and that alone is why they haven't destroyed the world yet.

Pulsy says:

"Wonder what went wrong there" :-D ahahahaha! XD Man i love this comic ^_^

littlebeast says:

Did... Did the bird just explode into leaves?

Rose says:

Lol, awesome artwork! I wonder... Will the other pixies still be able to fly, if their magic is equal to Feiht? Or would that defy the laws of logic? - Oh who am I kidding, there is no logic when it comes to pixies *rant rant* xP

Golux says:

Pixie logic is just hilarious! She doesn't even begin to fathom how powerful she is. Thankfully for everyone else. Now the problem is how to harness that power to take care of her evil side without her figuring out that it was her that took care of the problem.

Watsuki says:

Still wondering who or what exactly blew up. But yes, I do enjoy imagining the shocked thoughts of all those poor plummeting creatures. Unless it's just, "not again."

Osk says:

pixies have caused the end of the world, armageddon and early closing days multiple times already, but when they lose concentration everything sort of returns to semi normal

Unknown says:

I wonder what would happen, if somebody would convince a pixie that the world doesn't really exist?

hkmaly says:

Osk: Civilizations are fragile. Its hard to build one when you think you know the rules universe is working on. If the behaviour of universe appears completely chaotic, there is no civilization, only tribes of gatherers and hunters. I actually believe this is the worst case of pixie-induced disturbance of physical laws in last thousand of years only possible because normal pixie attention span is not in effect.

Unknown says:

But as its not in effect... I guess the end of the world is near, you can convince her of things and they would stick

Lindale says:

Oooh, now I get why pixies avoid logic and laws and things ...it's less dangerous for everyone when they're simply shiny-hunting bundles of chaos o_o;

You Know Who I Am says:

Q: How do I send in fan art? :)

Alien says:

You: Grab an email-address off the bottom of a news post, despam it and send us an email. We would love some fan art :)

Snake Blue says:

oh no, now she's done it! Stop thinking logicaly Feint!

You Know Who I Am says:

...Okay, how do I "de-spam" it?
Sorry, I'm not too tech-savvy at the moment, I have the flu and it's hindering my ability to function.

hkmaly says:

Snake Blue: I would say "Stop trying to think logically Feith!". It's not like she actually think logically, except maybe pixie logic.

Pulsy says:

Despam by removing the "+spam" from the "mith+spam@fantasycomic.com" email address found below. Alien's address doesn't even have that part it seems.

AileenHeather says:

Umm am I the only one who thinks in the last panel after she states that all things cant fly, they can no longer fly anymore? Because all of those last creatures.... the birds... butterly...flying squirrel... are all falling...Chaos? When she things something isnt or is possible it happens...Hence her chaos magic still being readily available, but her still not noticing lol. I love this comic and Ive confused myself now, so Ill just keep walking...

You Know Who I Am says:

Awesome, I think it worked this time.

Kilroy says:

Feiht's imagination is scarily powerful D:

Chevette Girl says:

Hee hee... I think Feiht's forgotten that what she tried to fly away on was probably not even fledged! Otherwise it wouldn't still be in the nest... perhaps her belief that it could fly did let it for a while, and now her belief that nobody can is affecting everyone... even the flying squirrel, who doesn't have wings and doesn't actually fly :)

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