Chasing the Sunset
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Red Zero says:

NOOOOOEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! Somebody stop her before we become all pixie-lated!!!

Firelander says:

ow crap, evil feiht got her hands om some books, quickly run

-Norbert- says:

Considering the attention span of the average Pixie, the book probably only has writing on the first two pages, or was written by a non-Pixie to trick them into the exact oposit of what's written on the cover :)

Alric says:

Other side up

Pulsy says:

Shiny inside :D That's the worlds best marketing right there!

hkmaly says:

-Norbert-: Unless it was written using magic. With magic, you can fill hundreds of pages in seconds. Not sure where the information come from, through. Maybe it has hundred pages with exactly same content. No pixie reading it will notice.

LeafRiser says:

That book got to be painful on her legs

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

SUPER CUTE! I love it. :)

spark flare says:

world domination really
mhyrad, eat feigh now!!!
i want the world to live

Osk says:

dont worry, the world hasnt been dominated or hasnt been destroyed by pixies for more than a couple of seconds at a time... untill they are distracted, after all

Osk says:

check the notes on the "7 minutes war" in the pixie forrest => pixie antics

spark flare says:

where is mhyrad. help me find out

Watsuki says:

Thanks for the new comic guys, even with the list of crazy stuff happening in your lives.

flarefurry says:

gwahahahahaha little evil pixie
mhyrad is gone.
i fee eat dragons rahahohoho

im flarefurry
who is leaf

flarefurry says:


flarefurry says:


flarefurry good says:

brother is
flarefurry: stop fool i am so evil

flarefurry says:

stop feight now so i can eat dragons

Iceea says:

can anybody read what's on the back of the book?


I am pretty sure the back side reads "this side up" (and is upside down)

xKiv says:

Err ... just that "this side up". Not upside down.

Purohueso says:

I read something like "Other side up", the first word is longer than just "This", anyway..., :phear:, there might be a way to survive zombies, raptors (ok, not that one), but pixies... thanks to the short-span attention, :P

spark flare says:

when will a new comic come up

Firelander says:

Now my problem, look how FAR she is in the book already.

Watsuki says:

Gah! Poor authors... who knows, if I ever manage to get money together and get back to my web design classes I might even find a way for you two to stop the spam.

Firelander says:

BTW, if there is just a group of lines then the book would probably be a self helping book to get a bigger attention span

Ultrainventor says:

the back of the book says "other side up"

craebild says:

A countdown for an update, now ! I can't way to see what happens next.

Bean long says:

i will check it next year

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