Feiht's aftermath
Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

Oh, my. Well, at least they had some string handy before Leaf drifted off.
I have to agree that Myhrad doesn't look bad in that colour scheme.
As for frequency of update... I WANT MORE! Sorry. As long as I know why things are late, I'm cool with it.

Alric says:


Alric says:

Title says "Feiht's aftermath" - is that EvilFeiht or Wingless Feiht :p

Alric says:

Hmmm, on a recheck, both Feihts are wingless

Pulsy says:

Omg it's Spiderdragonling and his sidekick, Balloonelf! Myhrad has a hero's outfit and Leaf has a cape! Perfect! And let's see, stuff you can't do without a pixie... Get al your shinies stolen within 4.3 seconds? Can't think of much either.

Bluedragon012 says:

I must of missed something, what changed myriad's color?

someone says:

Myrhad doesn't look evil, even when violet. I think he is incapable of looking evil, regardless of color scheme.

neuefruhling says:

Anne is holding her sword, was she swinging her sword evil-Feiht? And why is she preparing an arrow? Oh my, their altercation must have been bad.

Lee says:

Heh. Looks like we'll have to start calling Leaf Major Tom.

hkmaly says:

I think this is actually very good color scheme for Myhrad. Much better that what Feith tested before No Mans land ...

Also, both Ayne and Leaf looks normal.

craebild says:

Normal ? I would say Leaf looks rather more buoyant than normal.

Keyotea says:

A purple dragon had gotten an elf balloon.

Watsuki says:

Nice comic guys, well done. Also, to answer Anye's question, the pixies probably hold the universe together so they can steal its shinies. Just a thought.

hkmaly says:

craebild: I disagree. I think he looks completely normal. True, he is floating, but there is no change of his appearance.

Bean long says:

Happy new Year!


Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the tremendous lucidity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates.

Iceea says:

With 7 days and counting to the birth of a new Alien, I suspect we'll be seeing this page for a while. I wonder if there's a friend or someone on the forum who could do a guest page?
Of course what I really want to see is another confrontation between the Feihts, with a cometary by Myhrad. That would be very interesting.

kige says:

So, are we going for a captcha style spam protection? :)

Lantaro says:

That would behoove them. It would be behoovent. They would be behooved.


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