Rune Born
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random reader says:


42 says:

very cute

BreezleWeezle says:


CyberSkull says:


Golux says:

Woo hoo! Congratulations!

Tily says:

yay! Congrats, guys!!!

eekee says:

ohmigosh congrats!

aww.. give her a hug for me

Ultrainventor says:

aw, he's so cute!

Zela says:


craebild says:

So cute, congratulations.

Lusiad says:


caribet says:


Pulsy says:

Wow guys, congratulations! I had high expectations about the baby's name, and i love it!

Hi Rune! Welcome to planet Earth! We're your parents fans! *wave*

hkmaly says:

Congratulations! And interresting name.

aemi says:

such a beautiful child.

Asasha says:

He is so incredibly handsome. Congratulations to you all. I look forward to more photos. I hope he brings you all the joy, laughter, and the new look on life that my boys have brought to me.

LadyPhoenix says:

CONGRATULATIONS! How adorable! Makes me want another. :-)

Winterbay says:

Cute baby :)
Also, brilliant poem. Was it written by you? (if so I feel that a little signature would've been a perfect touch to a very nice poem).

Teraunce says:

congrats and nice comic

Ahikam says:

Congratulations on the new baby!

Mithandir says:

Thanks all for the congrats and wishes :)
More pics at for those who want them. I'll write a news post soon too probably. Sorry to those of you who want comic rather than a baby pic (don't see anybody complaining tho) :)

Winterbay: I did write that, yes. I printed it out and gave it to Alien right after the birth (which made her cry a bit). The printed version is "signed" (with "Papa" (dutch for dad))

Shiqra says:

HUZZAH and congratz!!!

Firelander says:

congratz, of gefeliciteerd als dat ook mag :p



zehlyi says:


Rock says:

Congratulations. You have a beautiful child. ^^

Watsuki says:

Congrats you guys, and a prayer for all that you'll need. Which, having experience with newborns, will most likely be a lot (but in a good way nonetheless).

Lee says:


Lindale says:

Congratulations! (and awwww so cute!)

Tangent says:

d'awww! Baby!

Ikwig says:

Our baby (well, toddler at this point), took one look at your baby and shouted out "BABY!!!!" in a tone most jubilant! I'm pretty sure that's her way of adding her congratulations to ours, along with our best wishes for health and happiness to your family!

Gnomie says:

Aww, congratulations!

Riverting says:

Oh, wow! What a cutie! And to be born to two loving, creative parents - Rune's going to have a great life! =D

Iceea says:

My son is 18 and will be off to college this fall, but I remember this day. Sometimes it seems so long ago and sometimes like only yesterday. Be prepared for time fluctuation in regards to children. It is true that they grow up right before your eyes, so keep watching. Best wishes to you, Alien, and Rune.

Dragonette says:

Love the comic, but this is the best post ever ;) Congrats

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

YIPPEE!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! So happy and excited for the three of you! Welcome to your new adventure!

GAlfCelaassek says:

Hello people, I've been brand new.

Sacri says:

aww...Rune's exactly 22 years younger than me!

Winterbay says:

Mithandir: Cool. I wish I had the ability to write things like that. That is an absolutely wonderful poem.

Ladyfox says:

Huzzah and Congratulations!

Odo says:

Awww... The poem is wonderful, and the child .. looks like a child ought to look. Nothing much different except to those who are his parents.

Tealya says:

Congratulations. He's quite lovely.

Tarot says:

Awww; congratulations.

boadicea says:

Contgratulations, and I do hope Alien is healed and well soon. Welcome to this world, Rune! This is the first time I've commented here, but I want you to know that your comic is part of my start-the-day routine at work, and has been for quite a while now.

Kez says:

Welcome, Rune! Alien, rest up and feel better soon! What a precious little child you two have created

distantvoices says:

GZ for a healthy son, you two. May he find the world to be a good place to be. May he stay in good health and joyful times. ^^ All the best to threesome you :-)

Kathleen says:

Alien! First all congrats on your little one. I am sorry to read that you are having a very difficult time with being sick when you should be bonding. I do not have any children, but I have enough friends who do. I do love reading your comic and when I checked today, the comic made me very happy! Babies usually are :) If you would like it, I can send a quickly made knitted baby blanket to you. I could pick the weirdest color possible. :P

Rhadamanthus says:

Congratulations, Mom! Alien, things may seem blue right now, but they get better and better as time goes on. I enjoy your pictures and hope you are able to start drawing again soon; don't hurry though, rest up and get well so you can enjoy your son.

Iceea says:

A very hearty get well soon to Alien. Looking at the last 2 pictures I would say Rune has his father's eyes!

Katkinkate says:

Hope you feel better soon Alien. Rune is beautiful.

fffff says:

So, now that we've been all gaa-gaa and goo-goo over the ridiculously adorable baby, I think it's a good time to remind people that this little one is..... *alien spawn*.

Grace2302 says:

Awww. He's adorable. Lovely poem Mithandir. It made me cry a little too. :) I'm a bit late in seeing this, but I hope you are all doing well.

Random Person says:

Just started reading the comic this morning and managed to reach this far by late evening. Awesome comic and I love the character development and the silliness.

Congratulations on the baby and I wish you all the luck in the world. I know from my mom's little stories that raising a child can be frustrating, annoying, and wonderful all at once. She loves to tell me about how when I was a baby, I kept crying nonstop every waking moment until my first birthday. I doubt this will be the case for you, but... no matter what good luck Mithrandir.

Random Person says:

and Alien. *shoots the mouse*

xrelaht says:

A good birthday to have: he's exactly 28 years younger than me! :) Congrats!

fffff says:

Hey! You've got spam! Also, "papa" isn't just Dutch for "Dad". It's also Spanish for "potato". (Unless you do the alternate accent, *then* it's Spanish for "Dad" too.)

Dragonette says:

Not pushing for a new comic, but suggesting a monthly new pic of the adorable reason there is no new comic. They change and grow so fast. Our little girl is 22 months today. For us, the first month was the hardest; then she slept thru the night in her own room. May you be as lucky ;)

Bean long says:

i agree with Dragonette a new comic would be nice right about now feb-26-2011

zevm says:

cute kid and a solid promise. All I'd mention including for Rune for later on: is that if he/she ever, EVER, feel uncomfortable at a party/event (particularly if there's some illegal activity), call you and you'll come pick rune up no questions asked.

coraphise says:

late... CONGRATULATIONS! Very happy for both of you ^^
Er... all three of you! :D

lena says:


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