Gravity confusion
Chasing the Sunset
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Watsuki says:

I think it does. It looks nice guys. Glad to see you back too :p

42 says:

Can't wait for the next one!

Gelgisith says:

Welcome back! :)

kige says:


aj68 says:

ow that had to hurt. theres 4 feihts.

Vorlonagent says:

Feight vs. Feight. Next time. Be there! Aloha.

Welcome back, you two! Getting enough sleep? :)

Laga says:

I just found your comic, and it is great! Oh, and congratulations!!!

demodude says:

The shading was so good before the upgrade takes a moment to notice but it definitely is nice.

hkmaly says:

Fly up or fall down ... :-)

Pulsy says:

Zomg comic! *celebrates*! Leaf doesn't look too happy about coming down o.O Gotta love Myhrad's halloween print :D

morg-pyro says:


Winterbay says:

Yay new comic!
And it looks fabulotastic as well :)

That last panel is really cool.

Chevette Girl says:

Welcome back! Looks awesome!

Riverting says:

A new comic, yay! Poor Leaf! XD And I hope Feight beats Feight or else Feight will make their lives even WORSE, and they already have a lot of non-Feight problems to worry about. Then again, if Feight beats Feight, then they'll have to deal with Feight's problems as well. It's a no win-win situation. Or would that be a Feight-Feight situation?


Beacon80 says:

Yay! More comic-ness! Looks great!

RocksMapsandCrafts says:


Lee of the Rogue Star says:

Yahoo! Can start breathing again. Good shading, not like another comic where the people all turned plastic suddenly.

Mithandir says:

Interestingly, one of my concerns was that Ayne looked too 3D-rendered in some of those frames.

caribet says:

thank you so much for updating while coming to terms with life-as-3, AND illness too!

Watsuki says:

I wonder if I should be shocked at how little everyone seems to care about Leaf's paind expression...

Watsuki says:

To be clear, by everyone I mean Ayne and the cowardly dragon.

Odo says:

Bravo, Brava. Glad to see a new strip, and it looks just as good as ever. On the other hand, I am not at all sure that a pixie chick-fight is a good idea as far as the immediately surrounding territory is concerned. :)

C-PM says:

I'm so glad to find a new strip! You guys are awesome!

that guy again says:

A Feiht fight!

Kaiou says:

Looks great and glad to have you back. I hope everything gets better with Rune and he gets healthy and happy for you two.

Osk says:

a test of faith for feiht. I wonder how many more of her will turn up. so far there is evil wing feith, now there is thingy wingless feith and ofcourse confused standard wingless feiht... or maybe it is because she lost her wings so noone else can fly that dropped evil feiht too. it seems to cause Leaf some trouble, trying to fly and being unable to all at once

that guy again says:

It must be autumn, the Leaves are falling...

*innocent look*

noone says:

Must stop myself!

Osk says:

Anyone else joining in the pun or word-play of the day contest?
anyway, he truly is now, Fallen Leaf

Aye-non-ee-mouse says:

Oh noes, the spambots have found the comment box!

Osk says:

what? where? order: kill and destroy. I'll send my own bots out. battle of the bots... probably copyrighted somewhere

Osk says:

btw, Watsuki, if i read the comics right, ayne is off limits to pixie trix due to being dangferous, myrhad is no fun ( no possessions or clothing ) So leaf is the only target left. They are probably quite used now to seeing a pained expression on him.

Lindale says:

I agree - Ayne's probably safe as long as Feiht remembers to be scared of her!

... says:

I like this page!

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