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Anakha says:

And its all white. Again.

Dont get me wrong, but slowly this is getting ridiculous. I used to love this comic, but the recent updating habits (or lack thereof) and the entirely useless update timer are getting on my nerves......

Taz says:

Then stop reading. It's a free webcomic. Between the new baby and the long running money woes I'm just happy when a new comic comes out. The art continues to improve and the story is deep and interesting. Give a bit of thought to the work and dedication it takes to make this and stop complaining as though you are OWED something that you are not.

as always Thanks for the great comic I for one look forward to the next one... no matter how much time it takes.

Ultrainventor says:

wait... whee? Sounds like something feiht would say.

Jeremiah says:

Yes, don't complain if you have to wait for a comic. Unless you pay the author's salary.
Anything they give us is their gift to us.

MadMann135 says:

Of two elfs and a dragon, one elf being possessed by wrath spirits and the second being blue, the scariest of the three is a blue elf.
Talk about priorities.

Zela says:

No, Myhrad, you are entirely too adorable still to be the scariest. Although, you are pretty awesome looking, there! Until you said 'whee'.
Nice page. :D

hkmaly says:

Note that she did NOT said "most dangerous". Only scariest. But yes. that "force inside of me" is nothing new to this party ...

Ash says:

I absolutely love the second-to-last panel! And also... YEAHHY UPDATE!!!!!! Thanks guys =)

aj26 says:

ha they all have something inside them that could destroy the world. You don't see something like that every day. its wried that Ayne doesn't only have the revenge thing inside her that she hast control but herself as well.

aj26 says:

who's the most dangeres?

to me leaf is the higest then Ayne and Myhrad are tied.

Golux says:

Poor little dragon guy gets no breaks. Just when he thought he was getting some street cred...

Pulsy says:

Lol :D Took a while, but it was worth it again :D Love the camera angles on this one, and the colors just make it perfect! Awesome light effects, never before seen in online comics! This comic is for online comics what The Matrix was for movies!

EcchiKitty says:

Dangerous? ...yeah, have to agree, Leaf is most dangerous, but not on purpose. Mostly likely to cause massive destruction and not feel guilty about it later? Ayne, no doubt.

Darius Drake says:

Feight, you're a Pixie. You may be able to destroy the world, but your attention span is not big enough to follow through.

Oh, and, since the real world comes first, I don't see a problem with the update schedual, personally. Especially since this is given out for free.

aj26 says:

OK, I know you guys have a lot on your hands and all and i probably being critical. i mean the lighting and shadows are awesoom but just off a little bit. I'm an artist myself and i swear that shadows and winkles are out to kill me (wouldn't been surprised if it was the same with you) but Feiht's back should be dark or the shadow in front of her. But other than a few teeny weeny things like that the lighting and shadows are perfect!

and even if the updates are slow i haven't given up on you unlike the rest of my famlly. In fact, i like it too much to to give it up. No matted how small of a time it takes you (the long it takes you the better the comic) I will always read it, sorry for being so critical but to me things just need to be said.

Termas says:

Wait...Leaf is a girl? Why did I not know that?

Ultrainventor says:

Leaf's a boy. Feiht is confused.

its weird. sometimes she knows he's a boy and sometimes not. I guess its the pixie memory and attention span.

Mithandir says:

aj26: All criticism is always welcome, how else would we improve? :) Shading and colouring is done by me rather than by the artist (my lovely wife Alien) and I quite honestly am rather bad at art. I basically just guess at shading/shadows and often get it wrong. I'll try to do better :)

Termas/Ultrainventor: Leaf is a boy however Feiht isn't necessarily confused. Leaf is a boy, Ayne is a girl and Myhrad is unknown (though referred to as "he" usually) Therefore saying "girls" is just as valid as saying "guys" :)

Chevette Girl says:

Yay, new comic! Thanks for finding the time!! Poor Myrhad, no respect...

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Love it, thank you!

Rose says:

Oh, right, we're all kinda doomed. :P Love this page, especially the second to last panel! (though I'm sure that's everyone's favorite! Glad you have time to keep up with something you enjoy! (that is, assuming you still enjoy fitting this between diaper changings. :P ;)

aj26 says:

really, OK. before you start on lighting effects I would suggest finding a light source. if it's outside ask what time of day it is and whats the weather like so you know how and where the sun is sinning. base your shadows off of that. 2nd, shadows and dark go together, and light gos with no shadows. and 3rd, magic makes the laws of nature go weird. Your best shadows was in pannle 2

Feiht has always thought that Leaf was a girl and said he was a girl in the chapter called no-mans land. when they were at the top of the wall.

Lantaro says:

Not that you need our permission, but please, take all the time you need. It's your story, those of us who enjoy it are just happy to see the story continue. Best wishes to you both, I'll be checking back next week. And if there's nothing new, well I'll wait another week and check again. There's a lot of other webcomics I can catch up on in the meantime. I'll always come back here to see what's new though.

Ladyfox7oaks says:

"No, the OTHER Blue one"... LOVE IT!!!!

chicuttyordic says:


Odo says:

I love the second-to-last panel. Any chance of making that into a desktop image? With the delays due to child and all, I check in only once and a while, but a new image is always something I work forward to.

Odo says:

err... "...LOOK forward to."

Osk says:

seems like you're important enough to be targeted by a bot now. If you can make that second to last page a walpaper with feith somewhere at feet level, i might even pay to have it. I never paid to any comic, or any game, so it'd be a primer

Necros says:

Yes take all the time that is nessacary for your peace of mind and life i check in anywhere from a week or two at a time so any thing is fine

Mithandir says:

Osk: one bot? Hah, if only :) On a daily basis the site's comment system gets anywhere between 100 and 400 spams. Almost all get blocked automatically though, and the rest alien and I get to pretty quickly, which is why you rarely see them :)

We'll make a wallpaper from that frame, but we're currently in Norway with Alien's family to show off the baby and don't have access to the high res files. It'll have to wait till we're back, some time next week :)

Beacon80 says:

This might be my favorite comic yet I just love panel 6.

Also, Anakha, I could understand your frustration if they had a set update schedule that they kept failing to keep to, but they've explicitly stated that updates are going to be infrequent and sporadic for a while. I'd love to see them update more often (and if there was any way I could help them, I would), but I'll take what I can get for now.

Love the comic, as always.

Pulsy says:

Yay highres wallness! It's been way too long since i had a CtS wallpaper. :D

Ultrainventor says:

plz let me comment

Ultrainventor says:

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN SILENCED FOR LONG ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ultrainventor says:

The anti-spam filter kept blocking my comments. I have waited for that problem to go away for days now.

And now its fixed! Thank you, mithandir, for whatever you may have done that fixed the problem. even if it was just a problem with my computer, thanks for working so hard on the comics.

Mithandir says:

Ultrainventor: I had accidentally blacklisted everything. If it's any consolation, I couldn't comment anymore either.

Ultrainventor says:

lol that's ok. its fixed now. keep up the good work.

Pulsy says:

Whew, i was starting to think my last comment broke the comment system... or killed all CtS fans except for me or something :)

Winterbay says:

Accidentally blacklisting everythign is the optimal way to not get any spam :)

Iceea II says:

A wallpaper of panel6, with Feiht? That would be fantastic! And put me down as one who would gladly pay or make a donation for said wallpaper. Yep, ya gotta' do the grandparent thing. It's in the kids manual. What you didn't get a manual! Eh, support these days is getting lazy. ;-) Seriously, hope you've got the good kind of grandparents and you're having a great time.

hkmaly says:

Even sites which noone knows about are going to be visited by spambots. Of course there are some here ... you are brave to challenge them without registration and captchas ...

Alien says:

hkmaly: registration and captchas would lead to fewer comments. we love comments, so we hope to never have to go that far :)

if anyone's interested in progress; comic's been drawn, just needs a splash of colour now, and the wallpaper is well underway too.

Silverwolf says:

so Ayne is a Na'vi now?

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