Counterfeit pixies?
Chasing the Sunset
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Necros says:

Way to go now we really will see devestation reign

Iceea II says:

Wow only 1 comment, this must have just posted. How can she be a pixie without wings? An interesting philosophical question. And of immense practicality also.

beanlong says:

Feight the pixie without wings will she ever get them back? or will she remain a wingless pixie forever?

Alric says:

Sorry Feiht, you're grounded!

Watsuki says:

I love how her ear doodlies change based on her mood.

Lee that is called Lee says:

Ooh, strip #664 already. Hope there's something suitably demonic lined up for #666.

Osk says:

in a story line involving feiht (due to the misspelling of her name i suddenly realize it also sounds a bit like fight), diabolic is practically granted, and not only at number 666

MrTT says:

So... seems leaf just started the war of the pixies... this will not end well

Earl of Purple says:

666 is actually a misquote; an early translator mistranlated the number 616, which in the oldest bibles is the number of the beast.

Anakha says:

Counterfeit Řixies without wings fool nobody.
Real pixies without wings fools some.
Fully winged pixies fool everybody. ;)

boonerunner says:

Is it just me or did one of Feiht's eyes just change color for some unknown reason?

Ultrainventor says:

where's Myhrad going?

aj26 says:

ha. this is great. it keeps getting better and better. and when did my language change to Spanish. i think Feiht's shadow is missing in the fourth panel and the shadow changed in the last two.

Lee that is called Lee says:

Earl of Purple: True enough, but where would Iron Maiden be without the misquote?

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