Not a dream
Chasing the Sunset
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MrTT says:

she plays favorites :P

KBKarma says:

Board game? What board game? You never mentioned a board game!

Mithandir says:

That must be why I know nothing about it. I really don't know how these rumours get started ....

Winterbay says:

It would be an interesting idea though :)
I love board games :)

Anakha says:

Hehehe.... like it.

Irish Drinker says:

hehe, its awesome. Plus, a Board Game could be fun. Though it would be hard to stabalize Pixie Magic long enough for the game to finish I think..

C-PM says:

Random Dread is random!

Alric says:

The punchline is in the comic:

"Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great... "

Darius Drake says:

Feiht's both playing faviourites and giving things back on level of importance.

AKA. The medallion is more important than the decorative bracelets and the, generally useless, mirror.

Ultrainventor says:


p.s. I think Feiht is having an identity crisis.

Lee that was and is called Lee and probably ever shall be says:

Magnifier bonus!

hkmaly says:

It must be hard for pixie to recognize reality from dream. Sometimes it gets hard for those around here too :-).

Ultrainventor says:

wait... how did that kitten travel all that way? that's one indefatigable kitty.

Watsuki says:

So even now Feiht doesn't realize she can make her dreams come true? There is yet hope for the multiverse.

hkmaly says:

Ultrainventor: What way? You only need to turn around that tree, two circles around mushroom, then around that rock, hop over rivulet and you are back where she last met them. No more that 100 meters totally. If you are pixie, I mean.

Seriously, do you think distance and Euclidean geometry have anything to do with how pixies move? Everybody knows that if you ride it's easier to get anywhere ... now apply it to someone who normally _flies_.

Ultrainventor says:

I thought that would be the case. sorta like how feiht made that hawk chick fly when it was too young to do so on its own. she thought that, as it was a bird, it must fly, so it did. Dread probably thought that having a ride made you faster no matter what, and he could have thought that because he isn't tired his ride can't be either.

Ultrainventor says:

or he could have teleported the cat with him, but as Feiht showed in comic 364, pixies can't teleport other living things without putting the thing in question in a lot of danger.

aj26 says:

what happened to Ayne's temper?

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