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Chasing the Sunset
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mifk says:

Aww, poor Feiht.

hkmaly says:

I'm sure it was for her own good.

Ultrainventor says:


Well, I'm confused, but interested.

are you 2 talking about Feiht being tied up like that?

Whats up with the candles and haunted looking boats?

meep says:

reminds me of the first harry potter movie o.O

aj26 says:

how come the only one boat was people in it. in the harry potter sries every boat had people in it.

aj26 says:

and how come there are 2 moons?

yaa! new chapter.

aj26 says:

was is has in the 1st one.

Ultrainventor says:

meep: Hah! that's what I thought!

Ultrainventor says:

aj26: The world that is has 2 moons. it estranges their world from our world. the bard king talked about two moons at his party.

Rose says:

" a dangerous thing. drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again" and anyone who doubts that has never taken one semester of Psychology. :P

Iceea II says:

oh dear some spam snuk in, where's Feiht when we really need her!

neuefruhling says:

I was recently introduced to Dominion, a deck building game. This led me to think of the wishful Chasing the Sunset board game. In a deck building game the player builds a deck of cards and uses it to gain victory points, somehow. It would allow for lots of pretty artwork of Feiht, other characters and events and the character's personalities could come out in the card actions. Anne's temper could be +1 Action(play another card) and all other players discard a card from their hand. Feiht's attraction to shinnies could be steal a copper (or something else) from one player's hand. For me the most fun would be looking at the artwork on each card and playing cards pertaining to the character's personalities while slinging empty threats across the table. Just a thought...

Mithandir says:

neuefruhling: Alien and I have often played Dominion. The CtS board game I may or may not be working on, does use some aspects of a deckbuilding game, but it would be coop.

Gina says:

You guys are great! I've been reading your comic for several years, and I'm always excited to see an update. I know life's been hard, but you are appreciated!

Rauvi says:

Whens the next one coming I love this comic

Rauvi says:

whops I now the the next update counter. *Stares at it* btw AMAZING work!!

Watsuki says:

@hk for her own good? More likely for the good of the multi-verse. Still, I wonder how they convinced Feiht that tying her up would work?

KarryKRogers73 says:

Rauvi says:

@KarryKRogers73 If the relationship is over, you can not improve it. it will only work if he's willing to work it out with you. Can you open a clear direct conversation with him and ask why it ended... once you understand why if you are both willing and you want to say in your relationship then you can begin to talk and work out with each other how to fix the things to helped end your relationship. there is no magic involved in fixing something as fragile as a relationship and there will NEVER be a quick fix

maverixs says:


SoreBoocots says:

Hello! i am new! what's up?

beanlong says:


beanlong says:


mixmasterisk says:


beanlong says:


Rauvi says:

*Glares at the next update counter*

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