Trading Knowledge
Chasing the Sunset
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craebild says:

Hmm, It's all while now.

-Norbert- says:

Is that a "Däumling" (according to translated as "Tom Thumb") in the strangers pocket in picture two, calling him his hero?
And I love the small pic of Myhrad in the basket.

C-PM says:

I can't wait to meet the spirits of knowledge. And who knows? Maybe Myhrad will get possessed by them. Then we'll have three possessed characters! Freedom, Fury, and Knowledge.

hkmaly says:

So, it's not even fair exchange - they take the memory away but keeps the knowledge they are giving.

Pulsy says:

Just the background of the third panel would have scared me off that island entirely. I still love the strangers hair, both the drawing style and the coloring. It just seems ... totally real!

RG2Cents says:

Gosh! What a dilemna!

Leinad says:

Why not go find the treasure? that might help you figure out what you want to do with it.


I'm pretty sure the thing in the second panel saying "my hero" is actually Feiht. Because shinys are more important than anything to a pixie!

Anakha says:

Probably right.
Also, these "Spirits of Knowledge" are quite some pricks, it seems.

kenken says:

oi! does anyone out there know how often this comic is updated? that would be usefull (C:

Pulsy says:

Check the update countdown on the right! Right now it's about once a week.

hkmaly says:

kenken: No and that includes its creators :-)

Golux says:

"Buy in" that state of lying to oneself that the price paid was too high to just walk away and quit throwing good money at continuing bad results.

Kitten says:

my hero :D haha, Feith :)

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