An Offer of Help
Chasing the Sunset
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Ladyfox7oaks says:

Aww Leaf, you are TOO Kind! :D

Mithandir says:

At first I had Leaf say "You guys wait here" instead of "You three wait here", but then I realised that Ayne and Feiht are female and Myhrad is unknown, so "guys" wouldn't be appropriate. Language is tricky.

MrTT says:

Considering the furies, that crazy madman is in real danger there...

Darius Drake says:

Uh, Leaf? Won't that mean that you have less information to trade for the knowledge YOU want?

Red Zero says:

I see Feiht has disappeared. No doubt she has gone off to trade her vast stores of long forgotten ancient pixie knowledge to know where all the shinies are.

SuperChingling says:

Dun dun duuun!!

Iceea II says:

hmm, is that Feiht or a bug in the 4th pane?

gannett says:

probably not as sticky as you think. guys is appropriate anyway.
in the majority of languages that have gender for words(ex spanish for we or you) the one referring to a group that isn't composed entirely of females uses the male form, the groups that are entirely female without a single male uses the female form. so just use that rule for generic he or you guys.
(also the phrase you guys just means you people over there/you group and was never intended to state gender anyway, there is no female form of it and anybody who'd take offense to being included in a you guys group as a female is being way way too touchy and would find some way to offend themselves no matter what you say just to pick a fight(that said with that particular group of a fay and the blue warrior its safer to do what he did ;)
so wikipedia's admin crusade to change every generic instance of "he" to "she" is incorrect as well as pointless for example.

gannett says:

so yeah, you 3 is best here but only because of 2/3 of the specific individuals not their gender :)

C-PM says:

Ooh, so maybe this guy is someone important to our heroes, but he's forgotten!

And "guys" is appropriate when referring (informally, of course) to any group of people, regardless of gender.

Lee who really ought to stop changing his nickname with every post says:

In the last panel I have a sneaking suspicion that Myhrad is miffed at Ayne for having said what he was going to.

Pulsy says:

Well in Leafs defense, the stranger probably wouldn't remember if he was up to no good, so he's probably not too dangerous... at least not more then Leaf an be.
Also - I love Myhrads pose in the first panel :)

Mithandir says:

I actually forgot to colour Feiht in that first panel ...

spoonybrad says:

you guys is fine. it doesn't matter what gender the group is. you guys is correct.

watsuki says:

Glad to see you guys are back up and running! Just got my computer back too, looking forward to where Leaf is going with this.

aj26 says:

leaf can't hear the tension music because he hasn't learned how to break the 4th wall yet. I'm not sure if the pixie has yet, but lets hope she hasn't.

the 4th wall is the wall that separates the audience from the story

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