Truly Evil
Chasing the Sunset
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Oberon says:

Is that a dalek?

hkmaly says:

... My first though when speaking about cave was that the spirits will be there ... then I rejected that because he would not lead him to spirits ... I didn't took into account that he may not remember where the spirits are ...

Katkinkate says:

Definitely looks like a dalek to me. Obviously not alive though. I can't see any self-respecting dalek letting itself be used as an armrest. Or maybe it's lost it's memory as well and doesn't know how to react. Re the glowy-eyed skulls/heads, why are their lips sown together?

crazyone says:

Pretty sure the alt text is also a doctor who reference especially with the "RUN!", and the quick one word sentences.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

um, a dalek shaped rock? TRULY EVIL!!!

Swant says:

ah after reading some comments I see I am not the only one who immediaately had a Dalek in mind :) a nice story so far and yes I recently read it all from the beginning and now I check by every now and then to see if there is a new update :)

Dalek Khan says:


Ford Prefect says:

Wait a minute...memory loss *and* a dalek....

Golux says:

Daleks, oh my!

C-PM says:

I mean, there's no way that's NOT a Dalek.

Red Zero says:

Yes, that is indeed a dalek. It came to the island in search of a way to defeat "The Doctor" and rule the universe. In doing so, it unwittingly traded away its knowledge of hatred. Since hatred is the only emotion that daleks possess that motivates them, it lost its only reason for doing anything, wandered into this cave, stopped, and has been rusting way ever since.

Lee who really ought to stop changing his nickname with every post but doesn't says:

Not seeing any Dalek here. Or is my screen just too dark?

Joe says:

that is most certainly a dalek....

Noone says:

First a weeping angel and now a dalek?

I Don't Know says:

wait, where was the weeping angel?

I Don't Know says:

Also, it doesn't show as much in this picture as in 673, but those skulls are DEFINITELY heads of/inspired by The Silence.

Terrec says:

Scary? You casually chatted while a WEEPING ANGEL was behind you and are now using a delek as an armrest, and have the gall to call the skulls embedded in the walls that are watching your every move scary? You have a very skewed sense of what is frightening.

Pulsy says:

"Surely nothing truly bad would look this evil" would make a nice entry in the top 10 of famous last words. Also - Dalek! ... or possibly: seriously overgrown saltshaker.

ElectricCaveman says:

Weeping Angels, Daleks, possibly The Silence...

Is there any chance this mysterious stranger hears drums in his head?

Ladyfox7oaks says:

DANG< I missed this one, somehow... OK, So far I've spotted a Weeping Angel, and now a Stoned Dalek??!!? I have a BAD feeling about this!!! (If I spot A Blue Box,or a FEZ, I am RUNNING AWAY!.)

hkmaly says:

Something truly bad will look exactly in a way which makes you least likely to suspect it - even if that would be looking evil.

TheDoctorsCompanion says:


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