Chasing the Sunset
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Ladyfox7oaks says:

Myrhad, I'm almost scared to say it, but your logic is pretty good here! AND DANG, what a rock and a hard place to be stuck in...

Stardrake says:

Seems the solution here is for them to ask about things related to Mr Forgetfulness, and for Mr Forgetfulness to ask about things they want to know - thus keeping the prices relatively low. With a bit of judicious information-sharing among themselves, they might be able to get away with not losing anything they really care about.

eekee says:

Last panel made me smile~

Neuefruhling says:

Feiht seems unable to communicate in the first three panels. What's going on there?

Mithandir says:

I forgot to put in her speech, that's what happened :)

Lee who really ought to says:

Hmm. Then the magnifier doodle could represent the slippery slope that Leaf is on? Or maybe I'm just reaching there.

hkmaly says:

Very good point about the furies.

Stardrake: Actually, unless you can know the price in advance, it is not safe to ask ANYTHING.

WarKitty says:

I wonder what would happen if they got Feihnt to ask questions? It's not like the pixie remembers things for more than 2min anyway.

watsuki says:

Why would the pixie need to ask a question? They're already only limited by what they THINK they should be able to do. Really, they could trick Feiht into gaining the powers of the ghosts here and answering their questions for free. Fortunately our authors are not taking the cop out of dues ex machina.

Darius Drake says:

Now Myhrad, be reasonable. Leaf wouldn't forget he's a nice person, he's actually a little more likely to forget that everyone else thinks he's reckless. Oh well, you can't ask either. Of course, Leif's Furies might be able to ask the question and not really give up all that much...

Osk says:

Did anyone else notice Feiht hearing about unleashing the furies and such in the first three panels, but she is gone after that? Is anyone else worried?

Pulsy says:

I wonder what Myhrad is expecting as an answer in the last panel. It's not easy to answer how much you care for anyone.
Also - this island is very green, while the characters in this comic are very blue. Most of the color contrast was in Leaf and The Stranger, but they both wandered off. The result is ... well, very green and blue :D

Iceea II says:

The expression on Ayne's face in panels 3 & 5 (use the magnifier). For all she complains about Leaf and his ideas it would seem the thought of Leaf being less or other than he is, is filled with very strong emotions for her. Definitely not a fair question by Myhrad.

Dark Dragon says:

Noticing that Ayne is almost as blue as Myhrad right now, this makes me wonder... Will it be problematic with Ayne's status as an Amazon if she and Leaf ever end up as more than just friends?

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