A cunning plan
Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

So ... is Feith already halfway to Leaf in panel six?

Karwen says:

YAY! Sonic Screwdriver!

Stardrake says:

@hkmaly: And was that Myrhad's actual plan? Although that itself would be pretty twisted...

C-PM says:

I love the sonic screwdriver. :D
Who's hunter2? Or am I missing out on something?

watsuki says:

Don't worry! I'm told large sticks are very therapeutic.

Lee who really ought says:

Just popping in to say that all the previous comments have said things I wanted to say. Now if you don't mind I'll go and sulk for a bit.

Ford Prefect says:

Feight has a sonic screwdriver? Time to evacuate.

Pulsy says:

A big stick probably has a better succesrate then a plan forged by a pixie too.
Also - i need to start watching Doctor Who.
Another also - Hunter 2? Strangest easter egg so far...

Matti says:

Ooh! What IS the green transparent skull in panel 4? EEK!

ElectricCaveman says:

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Feith with a Sonic is really a TERRIFYING idea... almost scarier than even the Weeping Angels, the stone Dalek, or the ghostly skull hanging in the air behind them... Watching,... SILENTLY...

FreakazoidVocaloid says:

It's... so true... @_@

Pulsy says:

Thanks ElectricCaveman! That also explains the ***s in the actual comic. Usually easter eggs replace empty parts, not ***'s :D

aj26 says:

what was feiht afraid of in the 3rd panel?

Elvende says:

The Sonic!!!!!

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