Forgetful Little Elf
Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

... too late. Also, he doesn't seem to learn anything, meaning that whole thing about exchanging knowledge was lie.

I Don't Know says:


Woulv says:

O.o green glowing eyes!

Anakha says:

Maybe not. he will at least learn not to babble freely with strangers in dank caves full of green skulls.
Seeing we ARE talking about Leef thats a mighty step forward indeed.

Pulsy says:

Omg the stranger is actually the thingy that collects knowledge? Get out of there Leaf! Ayne! Help! Save Leaf already!
This is one of the scariest moments in the entire story, with Leaf being about to forget his quest and all!

AileenHeather says:

What is the skull saying? lol

Chris in Kalifornia says:

I can't read it even with the magnifier.

Iceea II says:

it's definitely "succumb to my ----" and I think it's "sweetness" but I could be wrong

Ford Prefect says:

I think it says "succumb to my shininess!"
The dalek seems to be fading away....
I'm half-expecting the mysterious stranger to say "sssssilence will fall" at this point X)

pseudonym says:

..and then he turns into a giant monster which they will have use their joint forces to destroy...

Firelander says:

Right, then we get at the point where he forgets the deal with the flaming spirits of anger and they will start kicking this spirit his ass.

Blank says:

Haha, funny, asking questions and getting answers, just not the questions and answers he wants - "Uhm... where was I?" The city." & "...that wasn't the city I was talking about was it?" "Sure it was..."

watsuki says:

I call Hax on the cheating ghosts!

hkmaly says:

Blank: You have right .... and it started with "is that what happened to you?" ... but it's cheating anyway. He is not getting any knowledge AND those questions are not important to him.

I really hope the spirits of rage will show this guy that making someone forget is NOT good idea ...

Baldric says:

Nice twist ! I really didn't expect it !

Leaf's gradual loss of memory leads very nicely to the revelation in the last panel. The whole scene ends up being very creepy !

kavi says:

lol feiht should start talking since most of what she says isn't true and she might mess up the spirits XD

C-PM says:

AAAAHH! Leaf! No!

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