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Chasing the Sunset
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Woulv says:

FIRST!!!! woot^^ awsome as always

hkmaly says:

.... so the bag didn't helped, Feiht disassembled their best weapon anyway.

Mithandir says:

But does anybody know *when* she did it? :)

Ladyfox7oaks says:

This might be a good time to let the Furies out to play with green ghostie, there...

Antonymous says:

Maybe the next spirit will be coloured in rainbows or sparkles, or distorted background, or plaid.

nameless says:

was it stolen on page 679?

Glass says:

Well, I'm kinda relieved the man wasn't evil... I rather liked him.

Chris in Kalifornia says:

Hmm. The green thing is kind of shiny... As are all the little ghostly looking heads. Feiht could have a great time.

zevm says:

Like does he have a car? :P Ahhh good title

Pulsy says:

I think it was stolen on page 678, panel 3 :D
That spirit looks evil! It has a giant brain and then those scary eyes ... ! Also - Leaf's facial expression in panel 4 is great!
I too am glad our Stranger isn't the real evil here. His hair is way too awesome for a bad guy :)

g5sd says:

how about doing cyan magenta yellow next?

Joe says:

I don't think his magic was really ever explained very well.... I always thought the staff was just a light... He always did his "magic" with the help of the furies, not the staff - why reach for it now?

Mithandir says:

Joe: Alien asked me the same question and I have to admit it's a good one :)
Basically it boils down to us knowing he can't use the staff consciously (he has done so while enraged), but him banking on the spirit not knowing that.
He's also a bit too afraid to be angry, poor Leaf.

Darius Drake says:


Osk says:

must have happened somewhere between 678 and 679, when feiht climbed in the balloon and came out hearing "treasure"

Alric says:

"Don't make me angry! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry! Oh, you're Green already."

TerryCat says:

Snail-fairy, to go with the fairy-snail?

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