Scary Spirits
Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

Isn't the reason already forgotten in case of those ones?

Ladyfox7oaks says:

THERE are our Girls! Go get 'im, Ladies!!!

I Don't Know says:

Ok, somebody else might have realized this, but I think this whole storyline is (at least partly) a tribute to the most recent Dr. Who season. I mean, ALL of the different icons, and A BAD GUY THAT STEALS YOUR MEMORIES? Just a theory.

Erik says:

@hkmaly: I think he's referring tp Leaf's righteous anger, the reason the furies chose to stick with him.

Anakha says:

I am beginning to find that green Spirit really scary now.
And yes, the Comic does look awfully "stop-and-go". Still fun though. :)

Alric says:

Just stopped by to enjoy comic, before playing Mass Effect 3 which is now out in Europe!

Red Zero says:

Just need some flashing yellow spirits and the traffic light effect will be complete :)

Pulsy says:

Scary! For some reason i figured the Red Furies would wipe the floor with the Green Brain. They seem to be open to negotiations though, at least for now.
Also - Leaf, that's because you are the leading character in a comic, movie or tv show. You people always seem to attract evil spirits, wizards, and other various bad guys.

eekee says:


Ringtail says:

poor leaf, I'm imagining an epic sirit battle between every creepy spirit that wants to inhabit Leaf's mind.... not very realistic, but very epic... then again, realistic? this comic is too awesome for realism...

miaow says:

im sure we'll get to meet some nice ones anywhos whould you look at that! yet another person being controlled by crazy spirts! and they're haveing a friendly conversation! (that's about as friendly as they get before the zapping starts)

Chris in Kalifornia says:

He should be running now!

Red Shadow says:

hmmm... I doubt this is the case, but I would laugh so hard if this is Feiht out-twisty thinking Leaf as Myhrad had suggested earlier.

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