Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

MORE knowledge spirits? And these know they should fear the dragons? Hmmm ....

Firelander says:

Wait, what, Myrad as a scary dragon?

Pulsy says:

If the green things that have a ton of knowledge are scared of Myhrad, they probably know something we don't. Maybe we should start running o.O

-Norbert- says:

Unless that "knowledge" is really just supostition that some Humans believed while still alive.
Remember that once upon a time every human "knew" that the world was flat and look how that turned out. Knowledge doesn't necessarily have to be the truth.

Wisknort says:

Hmm... They'd fear him as any normal dragon, right? There seems to be a very wide-spread fear of dragons in this universe. So it's probably nothing we don't know, just that they don't know Myhrad.

Darius Drake says:

I think that the "knowledge" that dragons are scary is just common enough to scare off those three. And I suspect that dragon's MIGHT be immune to the memory/knowledge/information theft/gifting/taking thing.

Red Zero says:

If that is how they act towards Myhrad, I wonder how they would act towards Feiht, given that pixes are rather the opposite of dragons in terms of memory/knowledge/information theft/gifting/taking.

Dark Dragon says:

Wow, did not see that one coming. Well played, well played ideed. :)

ultrainventor says:

Hah! i love the irony.

In other news says:

Really hope Myrad doesn't scare them for an actual reason like, dragons can absorb them or something...

hkmaly says:

Red Zero: Pixies are also chaotic. No amount of knowledge really helps you to battle pixies, because they can surprise you regardless.

Also, just yesterday in other comics: "Everybody knows elves are creatures of the night, and dissolve into nothing when exposed to sunlight." ... even more funny in THAT comics considering elves in it are plant-based and lack of light can kill them in several hours. Also, the one reading it from a book IS elf and is laying on window ... (see my site link).

Seros Senric says:

Elves of Linden Hold? Yes :) Although so far I've preferred the first book.
Concerning knowledge spirits being scarred of Myrad... Well, its a good idea to be cautious about unknown dragons, and being immune to their memory manipulation does sound probable. Also, even dragons are cautious of pixies, it's a good idea to have a way to a different universe if you might encounter one.

AJ26 says:

Oh, it's not the dragon you should worry about.
it's the elves. MAHAHAHAHA!!

Blafu says:

Maybe he is scary because dragons can not forget things? Maybe dragons are immune to them and can not act as hosts and that is why they are scary for them?

Zweihander says:

They could be afraid of him stealing the gems that make them from their resting places

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