The Library
Chasing the Sunset
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Wisknort says:

I can't figure out if the Library (component?) is frowning or grinning in the last panel.

I also can't figure out which is more amusing.

keyake says:

The whole thing came out really good! I definitely dig the spooky library and the green/red lighting.

watsuki says:

Wait, Scardey-Dragon went scouting? Has he done that before or was waiting by the cave alone more scary?

Wisknort says:

Actually, I think he was just looking around from where he is right now.

Muninn says:

The library is so full of awesome :O.

Woulv says:

what hapends if you have no more memmories? do they take your life?

Iceea II says:

hmm, is it just way the panels are drawn or has Myhrad grown a bit?

ultrainventor says:

hah! nothing has gone Myhrad's way in this adventure.

Ultrainventor says:

huh. ever get the feeling that the more you learn, the less you know? I was thinking back,and my comments about nuclear chem seem to be based off of some assumptions that turned out to be false. the idea of the island where you give up knowledge to gain it reminded me. sorry if i seem arrogant sometimes. i don't try to be.

Ultrainventor says:

anyway, I can't wait for the next comic! should be great.

Wisknort says:

@Ultrainventor: Yes, I do get that feeling. Not so often anymore, since it's ascended that and become conscious knowledge that I know almost nothing.

hkmaly says:

Ultrainventor: Thats just illusion. You can replicate it on wikipedia (or tvtropes, for example): look at one page, count number of (internal) links. Now look at all referenced pages and count the number of links you didn't visited yet from all those pages. Repeat. The number of unvisited pages will grow until you visit almost whole wikipedia (which you probably wont be able to do).

Similarly, with every bit you know, you gain knowledge ABOUT more topics you don't know. If you study university (unless it's really bad university), you will gain knowledge about so many topics you will understand the amount of knowledge you can actually have is close to zero relatively to total amount of knowledge.

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