False Pretensions
Chasing the Sunset
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Ladyfox7oaks says:

GO LEAF! WOOT! I don't know of that's all Furies, or his own backbone showing, but I LOVE IT!

Wisknort says:

Leaf with a purpose is almost scarier than a pixie...

Rock says:

o_o My goodness. I am still amazed, every time Leaf goes badass...

Katkinkate says:

Haven't seen Feiht for a while. Wonder what she's getting up to.

Erik says:

When did Malvenicus' staff's crystal disappear? Did I miss something?

Seros Senric says:

Noticed when it was uncovered earlier. Hinted that something may be up with Feiht not being there.

Pulsy says:

Sweeet! The green thingies look genuinely scared in the last panel :D Ayne seems suprised too.
Also - the one hovering over Myhrad in the third panel is scary :P

Lee...?! says:

Someone left off the red-eye filter.

bluedragon012 says:

(From Dragon Ball Z)

Me says:

Just spent the last three days reading this. Two words: Hilarious Awesomeness!

DragonForLife says:

Rage bar filled. Prepeare to unleash the power attack

I don't know says:

Now I'll ask you; IS IT DEFENDED? ....

Hello: I'm The Doctor. Basically, Run!

The Valkyire says:

@I don't Know
Whoo for Doctor Who! :P

Erik says:

hmm, in 690 there was still a balloon over the staff, in 691 it was out of view and in 692 the crystal was gone...

aj26 says:

Erik::that was 689.
also I think flint is steeling the crystals

watsuki says:

Woah, good catch with the crystal there I hadn't even noticed. Those sneaky writers...

Mithandir says:

Actually the crystal has been missing since at least #687. There's some guessing in the comments there about what happened to it :)

craebild says:

Feiht crawled up into the bag around the crystal on top of the staff in panel 3 of comic 678 and came out again in panel 3 of comic 679, so there is a pretty good chance Feiht has something to do with the missing crystal.

Erik says:

ah, 690 has a rock right behind the top of the staff that looks just like the balloon's still there.
That's why I stopped looking for the last time it was seen. I completely forgot about 687...

neon5162 says:

anyone noitice the produced with 100% green energy tink at the top left of the site and then notice that there is a bunch of green furies on the comic

Wisknort says:

Heheheheheh. I didn't notice that one. Well played.

Anonymous says:

Awesome comic so far! Just finished reading up to this point. Do you think that the knowledge spirits know that they are total jerks? They're acting much more like greed spirits than anything else. Also, red furies plus green equals christmas. And to add to the holiday spirit, some elves.

ultrainventor says:

why do I get the feeling that they will reach the crystal just to find out that Feiht stole it?

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