Got to know
Chasing the Sunset
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Rock says:

I am amazed! That was an amazingly altruistic - not to mention clever - thing for Feiht to do, no matter what she says. ^^ She's actually showing steady improvement as a person.

hkmaly says:

Perhaps she lost the memory of dragons needing to flap wings! Oh, wait, she already forgot she MET any dragon beside Myhrad ...

Alric says:

He's alive.....HE'S ALIVE!!!

This has to confirm that Leaf's father is alive. No morbid thoughts about his remains being there.

Jeremiah says:

@hkmaly: "Myhrad? Who's Myhrad?"

Wisknort says:

So is that where she's been all this time? Asking the question, then going back 10 seconds later to ask again?

eekee says:

Feight remembered that question was worth asking.

Anonymous says:

Here's to hoping that his father is located somewhere above ground in that pirate village, and I'm not talking about tunnels.

ultrainventor says:

HAH! Take that green guys!

Pulsy says:

Nicely solved! Too bad Leaf almost ruined not having to pay the price. Funny title too :D

Also - pluravinum? as in ... lots of wine?

psedonym says:

loopholes. loopholes everywhere

-Norbert- says:

Unless he was part of the pirate group, I see no reason why the pirates would have burried him in their village.
So I'm pretty confident he's alive, either as a member (probably with memory loss) or as a slave, serving in a tavern.

ShinRaiten says:

I wonder if it'll make her permanently forget something or not? I suppose it wouldn't if she didn't want it to, given the previously discussed power of pixies.

OrlahEhontas says:

This made me laugh. Let me guess, Feiht dyes her hair, doesn't she?

Venalitor says:

Her hair is certainly plain for a pix, not counting its penchant for defying gravities.

Kim says:

Wow that was a great plan Feiht came up with. Hope Leaf dosn't ruin it though. Mabey he's jelous.( ;

Me says:

She's totally smothering Leaf in the last panel. We're about to have another blue elf on our hands. :D

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