Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

Don't worry. I would suppose that pretty good part of those tyrants was in that rogue knowledge spirit ...

-Norbert- says:

WHo's "ramains" Feiht is taking with them... so I suppose there is a reason to worry after all.

Wisknort says:

Actually, to those above, it's unlikely that what Myhrad is talking about is going to be an issue. He's a thief (or an angry wizard, perhaps), not a warlord. Both malicious, sure, but in different ways.
Then again, I could be completely off-key.

Golux says:

So, if the crystals capture memories, what's Feiht taking with her that remains in the shards? Tis an interesting thought. Waiting to see how it plays out.

crudnick says:

I think those are more "glowy" than "shiny"....

spudwalt says:

Like so many other things Feiht does, this can't possiby end well.

ShinRaiten says:

The bright glow of forbidden knowledge? Of course that counts as a shiny!

Me says:

I can just hear her singing it in the last panel. *shutter* Come on guys, how long have you traveled with the pixie?

-Norbert- says:

But wasn't all the contained knowledge released, when the crystal shattered. If so, it would mean that the crystal itself isn't knowledge, but rather a container for it.
So the pieces themselfs shouldn't be problem, but might still be used for something bad, like rebuilding the crystal and thus reviving a cunning enemy, capable of controlling someone else's body.
Thinking of that... what happened to the poor guy who was possesed by the evil spirit?

Wisknort says:

Panel 4. The spirits don't look amused.

Jeremiah says:

However, if Feiht gets the tyrants knowledge, she will forget it in, just about ten seconds. No worries

Pulsy says:

I hope this doesn't mean Feiht can now store knowledge... That would mean she could create an actual attention span longer then 3 seconds, and realise her potential for world domination o.O

Lee says:

If you want to know how scary absolute certainty can be just watch Jacob Bronowski's "The Ascent of Man" episode "Knowledge or Certainty". And never buy a car or a philosophy from somebody who has all the answers.

hkmaly says:

Lee: Until we build Heisenberg compensator we don't need to worry about too much certainty :-)

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