Plan B it is
Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

Sorry for no shading: my wacom broke. I'll shade it in as soon as I get a new one.
How's everybody otherwise?

Escapist says:

Love it.

Alric says:

Plan C - Tell Fieht there are shinies in Pluravium and to teleport them all there :p

Alric says:

Feiht that is

hkmaly says:

Alric: Plan C is risky. She may get distracted in the middle of that instanteous teleport spell. Like last time.

Leaf obviously have plan A ready when he met the stranger.

Drake says:

Plan B comes before Plan A this time? Wow. How'd he know they wouldn't like plan A?

Me says:

Why do I feel like Leaf would have made a great mad scientist in a different life? ;P

Winterbay says:

Mithrandir: Took me a while to figure out why I thought things looked odd :)

Lokitf says:

Hurray! update! and more leaf planning shenanigans. good stuff. Plan B actually seems other than insanely complex, although I suppose there's been plenty of craziness, but it's working!

Lee says:

Heh. Took me a while to figure out what Myhrad was doing in that last panel. Looks like he's slumped despairingly against the rock with his claws over his eyes.

OrlahEhontas says:

It looks to me more like he's hiding behind Ayne, but Lee could be right as well.

ShinRaiten says:

I agree with the alt text, well said.

Iceea says:

And just what kind of shiny is Feiht holding in panel 4, a mirror or something else??

xKiv says:

The night sky is pretty, but ... is it changing constantly? (compare panels 1, 4 and 6)

Kim says:

I'm quite disappointed by the lack of slingshots.

Neuefruhling says:

Leaf needs to be kept busy. If he ever became a philosopher I can't imagine what he would come up with!!

C-PM says:

Hey, it's shaded! I don't know when that happened, but it looks fantastic!

...And from checking Facebook it looks like it happened four days ago. Ah.

Pulsy says:

Ooh shades! Looks even better now! We're so spoilt... :D

Bregenor says:

Don't Stop! I've recently been looking into the Webcomic genre and This is my first or second favorite comic. Your art isn't the most visually appealing(though you've improved I think as things have progressed) but it does its job very well. I love your humor. I would totally buy this in book form. Thank you so much for making it!

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Sorry for the silence on my end, life has.. well- let's just say.... do you know the old saying "If you want to make the Gods laugh, tell them your plans" ?... YEAH, Let's just say that I triggered a real GIGGLE -FIT among the Deities. Pretzel-shaped does not begin to describe things right now. But I hope to get back to leaving comments here and regularly soon! :D :D As it is, I TOTALLY Empathize with poor little Myrhad in the last panel! I'd be hiding from that "Plan" too!!! :)

Firelander says:

Of course we are still here. And about the comic cons, i think that most of your fans aren't pure comic fans but rather fantasy fans. Might it be an idea to sell the books online? Or just to have the option to order materials from you directly? I have been wanting the book for some time now but i just can't make it to the cons you are going to.

Firelander says:

ow and, btw, how is rune doing these days?

Kim says:

Chasing the Sunset is one of my favorite web comics. Keep doing what you're doing, I really appreciate it! ( ;

Davecom3 says:

It's his plan A because you never accept it, Ayne.

Me says:

Update HO!

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