Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

Don't worry. If you became tired enough, you don't even notice you are already sleeping. Most dreams make more sense that adventures with Feiht. Nonstop adventure!

caribet says:

yay! update! (lovely one) ... and Feiht becomes and Agent of Sarcasm as well as an Agent of Chaos...

(and Rune looks cute with Alien)

Winterbay says:

I'm loving the colouring and shadows. Well done!

Also, Myhrad is almost like me :)

Sporkitude says:

Nuu, snail! I'll help you!

ElectricCaveman says:

Vicious extra-dimensional bunnies are the best kind!

Rocks, Maps and Crafts says:

I really really love Myhrad. The sarcasm is the best. And Yay new comic!!! I've really been liking all the funky green shading and glowing - keeps reminding me they're on the bizarre memory-keepers island.

Me says:

I think you are a little hard on yourself in the comments. Your plots seem very orgonized and the puns always have me holding my sides. Myhard's hind legs are unnaturally close in the last pannel fyi. ;)

blue says:

I think those are his toes. Myhrad has two toes on each hind food, you can just see a bit of his left hind leg behind his front legs.

Mithandir says:

They are indeed his toes. Myhrad does a lot of tiptoeing.

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Vicious things! with the BIG! Pointy! TEETH!!!! .....

They call me... TIM. :P NI!

Keif says:

Aww, WTF did i real all of this so quick...?
Cant wait for the next one. :3

Me says:

Oh, I see it now. Myhard almost has six legs! 0..0

ultrainventor says:

Ha! you would think Myhrad would learn to stop saying things like that. he either gives ideas to leaf or to feiht, and it always seems to get him back for it.

Lee// says:

Note Ayne's exaggerated on-cue yawn in panel 1. And Myhrad being sarcastic? Yeah, like he's done *that* before!

C-PM says:

I love the little smack-lines in panel 4. Facepalm!

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